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MGT101 Solved MCQs

MGT101 Solved MCQs

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Some Important MGT101 Solved MCQs

1: Bank Balance will fall under which of the following classification of account?

  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Revenues
  • Expenses

2: After some intervals, the sum of sales is posted to the debit side of............?

  • Total Debitor Account 
  • Sales Account
  • Total Creditors Account 
  • None of the given Options

3: Outsider claim against assets of the business is also called for the entity?

  • Income 
  • Resource
  • Expense
  • Liabilities

4: Which of the following accounts will be debited, when we acquire the building of 500,000 Rs on Credit?

  • Capital Account
  • Building Account 
  • Cash Account
  • Bank Account

5: Expenses are recorded when incurred either paid or not according to?

  • Cash accounting
  • management accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Accural accounting

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