eng201 grand quiz solution 2021

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eng201 grand quiz solution 2021

eng201 grand quiz solution 2021

ENG201 Grand Quiz Solution 2021

ENG201 Solved Grand Quiz 2021

ENG201 Grand Quiz Solution 2021



The tapes in the glove compartment……to jerry.




While composing a business message, be sure ……distort the truth.



There are…….types of minutes.



Identified the statements which should not be included in “NECESSARY DETAILS” section of the positive message.


Provide a buffer statement.



Keep the…. In your letter simple.


Body and purpose


Working on proper designing of your written document.


Make it easy to understand



The indirect pale consist of the parts.




Choose the correct preposition to fill in the blank:

His birthday is coming…. Next week




Desire is one of the four phases of the AIDA plan.




…..The message is more likely to bring the desired results and they do a better job at building goodwill.


All of the above.


Keep the… of your letter simple




Which letter should accurately restate the key terms of employment?


Job application



When you know the reader name but not the gender: which is an appropriate salutation?


Dear Mr. or Mrs., Ali


Which none of the following media would be the best choice when you have to deny a promotion to a long-term employee?


A faxed message


If you expect your audience to….. With you, use a structure that focuses attention on the conclusion.




Approving Credit’ and ‘Credit Reference’ are the two types of the positive responses to routine credit requests.




The punctuation mark that belongs to the solution of a business letter is a……




Which of the following is the primary vehicle for communication within an organization?




Choose the correct option:

Effective communicators rely on….of the message to make it significant.




Which of the following medium is the best when you want immediate feedback?



Fill in the blank with appreciate option:

Maybe I will visit the office….Saturday.




Which of the following is not a general-purpose common to business communication?


To negotiate


Choose the correct option:

……..are used to communicate outside your organization.




Choose the correct option:

The…. Of the order, the letter is to provide the vendor with detailed instructions for fulfilling and order.




A claim letter is also called


Adjustment letter


They saw a parking space……..two care and drove ……it.




Ordered are considered one of the simplest types of………


Direct request


Customer service correspondence may be on letterhead or postcard format.




ENG201 Grand Quiz Solution 2021

ENG201 Grand Quiz 2021

ENG201 Solved Grand Quiz 2021

ENG201 Grand Quiz Solution 2021


     ENG201 Grand Quiz 2021