Dear students here you will see SOC101 Grand Quiz Solution and you can read and then learn easily. This grand quiz is almost repeated in midterm grand quiz exams then we decide to make a file and provide it to all other students so that they can easily read and learn. this is a very informative quiz if you can learn this and some quizzes from books then maybe you will pass exams. We hope you our study solution is helpful for you and you are getting benefits from our solutions. So we request to you please share this with all students.


SOC101 Grand Quiz Solution 2021

SOC101 Grand Quiz Solution 2021

SOC101 Grand Quiz Solution


During the…. A child begins to develop a sense of him/himself as a social object by talking about the role of significient others in relation to him/himself.


The stage of the generalized other


Which one of the following theorists developed a theory of social behaviorism to explain how social experience creates individual personality?


Sigmund Freud


All of the following are different modes of adaption explained by Matron in sr=train theory EXCEPT?




An increasing trend in our society with reference to the purchase of summer clothes is of designer lawn. It can be included in:


Popular culture


Ritualism is a concept developed by American sociologists:


Robert K. Merton


School helps in including…… values in students.


All of the given options


In which type of culture do people spend various ways of life that blend together?


All of the given options

Who among the following listed six types of violation by corporations?


Slapper and Tombs


The concept of childhood appears to be more pronounced in which of the following countries?




In some cases, Hindus feel their own culture is superior to others, they show:




Who among the following believed that the certain amount of the crime and deviance could be seen as positive for society?


Erving Goffman



Which agent of socialization provides involuntary provision for learning situation?





Bureaucracy relies on all of the following EXCEPT:


Formal communication


A political entity within designated borders is known as a:




Which one of the following has less moral significations for individuals and is less reacted upon by the people?




A reaction in which a person repeatedly violates a norm and begins to take a deviant identity, this is called as:


Secondary deviance


Family and marriage are a….. Feature of all cultures.




An organization is which people come, work together and share same work ethics can be called as:




The gap between the two parts of the culture is known as?


Culture lag



Which of the following is known as specific statements that people hold to be true?




Which of the following is NOT a secondary source of data?




According to the structural-functionalist perspective, following are the functions of deviance EXCEPT:


Deviance promotes stagnation in society


A child loudly crying in the middle of the road and demanding for ice cream reflects:





The issue of child labor is associated with:


Developing countries


The cost of……. The type of crime is higher in society.



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