11TH Class Chemistry Important Long Questions

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11TH Class Chemistry Important Long Questions

11TH Class Chemistry Important Long Questions

11TH Class Chemistry Important Long Questions

1st-year Chemistry Most Important Long Questions 

  • NH3 gas can be produced by heating together NH4CL and Ca(OH)2, if a mixture containing 100g of each solid is heated then calculate the number of grams of NH3 produced
  •            2NH4CL+Ca(OH) Arrow Right Side  CaCL2 +2NH3 + 2H2O (Water)
  • Explain isomorphism with examples?
  • Give the postulates of kinetic Energy molecular theory?
  • Derive an expression to determine the radius of orbits using the Bohr model?
  • What is sp^2 hybridization, how ist explain the structure of ethene What is the Hess law? Explain by giving two examples?
  • Calculate the pH of a buffer solution in which 0.11 molar CH3COONa and 0.09 molar acetic said solutions are present, Ka for the CH3COOH is 1.85 multiply 10^5.
  • Define the half-life period. How the order of reaction can be determined by knowing the half-life of the reaction?
  • What are the colligative properties of solutions? Explain the elevation of boiling points.?
  • Describe the construction and working of standard hydrogen electrodes.?
  • Calculate the number of grams of K2SO4 and H2O produced when 14 grams of KOH reacts with an excess of H2SO4 under the following equation:
  •             2KOH +2H2SO4 Right Arrow K2SO4 + 2H2O
  • Explain the structure of ice on the basis of hydrogen bonding?
  • State the Charles Law. Explain its experimental verification?
  • Write down an experiment that how neutrons were discovered?
  • Define ionization energy. Write factors affecting ionization energy and explain its trend along with a group?
  • A buffer solution is prepared by mixing 0.2M CH3COONa and 0.5M CH3COOH in 1dm3 of solution. Calculate PH of solution pKa of acid is 4.74?
  • Explain the energy of activation?
  • Define solubility curve. Explain different types of solubility curves with the help of graphs?
  • Describe electrochemical series. Give its three applications?


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                1st-year chemistry important long questions 

                11th class chemistry most important long questions 

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