11th Class Chemistry Past Papers MCQs

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11th Class Chemistry Past Papers MCQs 2021

11th Class Chemistry Past Papers MCQs

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11th Class Chemistry Past Papers MCQs 2021

Which of the following is a pseudo solid?


The number of bonds in nitrogen molecules is 

Two @ and one Pi Bond

The temperature of the natural plasma is about:


18 g glucose is dissolved in 90 g of water, the relative

 lowering of vapor pressure is:


1-calorie is equivalent to:


Nickel has a number of Isotopes:


PH of human blood is:


Bond angles @ = Gama = 90 degrees: B not equal and axes a b and c not equal for crystal system:


1 gram formula of NaCl is equal to :


Solvent extraction is an equilibrium process and it is controlled by:

Distribution Law

the de-Broglie equation is represented as:

lamda = h/mv

The stronger the oxidizing agent, the greater is the:

Reduction Potential

The veolicty of photon is:

Independent of wavelength

Pressure remaining constant, at which temperature the

 the volume of the gas will become twice what it is 0 C:

546 K

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