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CS201 Solved Grand Quiz 2021

CS201 Solved Grand Quiz 

CS201 Solved Grand Quiz

1: ofstrem used for.

Output File Stream

2:Which of the following code segments represent a left shift operator?


3:The character string is terminated by....?


4:What is the use of iso::trunc mode?

to open a file in input mode

5:We must include the header file .... to convert the value of one type to other type using a built-in function?


6:A repetitions statement specifies an action is to be continued to while some...remains true.


7:Following the declaration of the 2D array  How many coulombs are declared for this array.
int arr[3][2]


8:MS Word is a type of.....Software?


9:Array indexes start from................


10:We use ...... to control our program while it is running.


11:We can access a global variable.

From anywhere in the program

12:Individual characters in a string stored in an array can be accessed directly using array.



Both integer and character

14:The most suitable data type for this number 325.25 is?


15:Comments are written to explain..... the program?


16:Char name [] "Hello World" ;
In the above statement, a memory of the....... character will be allocated?


17:We get 12 | 8, Where "|" is (Bit-wise OR)?


18:If the x = 11 and X % = 3, then the value of X  will be ........


19:Incall by reference......... of the variable passed to the called function.


20:What will the arithmetic Expression?

6 + 48/ 4 * 3?


CS201 Solved Grand Quiz

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