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Eng201 Grand Quiz Solution 2021

Eng201 Grand Quiz Solution

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Eng201 Grand Quiz Solution 2021

ENG201 Midterm Grand Quiz Solutions 2021

ENG201 Solved Grand Quiz

Eng201 Grand Quiz Solution 2021

Eng201 Grand Quiz Solution

The persuasive message gives …….. To the audience

A free choice


Which of the following is the method to communicate bad news to the customer

All of the above


The types in the glove compartment ……. To jerry.



The aim of a … to establish a working relationship to make it happen

Business proposal


Which of the following help the reader quickly identify the content

Headings and captions


Using incorrect words incorrect grammar and faulty pronunciation is called…………… language and this all suggest the inability to use good English



Which of the following have a denotative as well as a connotative meaning

Closed words


End master of a proposal includes

All of the given options


Select the option which gives the exact meaning of the verb accept


Nobody ….. the trouble I, ve seen



Application letters are usually of …..

One page length


For a courteous ending of a conversation, one should often…..

Wrap up the conversation with a closing statement



To whom usually goodwill letters are written



When you are dissatisfied with a company’s product or service which of the following is the best option

All of the above


Which of the following is usually submitted in the form of a letter or memorandum

Informational reports


……….. inform customers about the benefits of a product or an action

All business people 


In many organizations, the final piece of writing is a / a ………. The effort with more than one writer working on a document



Recommenders must be ………… people



The writing process in business the message consists of ……… steps



Mathematics ……….. Johns subject while civics is Andrea’s favorite subject



Which of the following options are likely to offend and should be avoided

we must turn down



Which of the following words are free from Gender Bias

all of the above



……….. At the beginning of a persuasive request shows the reader that you know about his or her concerns and you have some reasons for making such a request

An attention-getting device



Which letter should accurately restate the keys terms of employment




Both ………… and ……… mediums don’t want immediate feedback and avoid communications

Written and electronic

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