FSC (Part 1) 1st-year Biology Solved MCQs With Answers

In this post, you will see FSC (Part 1) 1st-year Biology Solved MCQs With Answers and you can read and learn important solved MCQs of Lahore board last year's paper. Dear students this 1st-year Biology MCQs came in Lahore board last year exams then we notice that these 1st-year Biology MCQs are most important for students to exams preparation. Students try to learn these short MCQs we upload on the website only for students we feel that hope some MCQs also come in your exams in future next papers. Students also read this 11th Class Chemistry Important MCQs.

FSC (Part 1) 1st year Biology Solved MCQs With Answers 2022

FSC (Part 1) 1st-year Biology Solved MCQs With Answers 2022

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FSC (Part 1) 1st-year Biology Solved MCQs of Last year Paper

Incomplete and imperfect digestion is called


Nuclear fusion in basidium is followed by


The major cell infected by HIV is

helper t lymphocytes

hark liver oil is used in medicine as a source of vitamin


Which is included in non-vascular plants


Water makes how much percent of total cell weight in bacterial cell

( 70%)

In myocardial infarction which organ is affected


In bacteria when the division is in three planes it will produce which arrangement


As a result of energy conversion during light-dependent reaction reducing and assimilatory power is formed in the form of


Zoogeography is the study of the distribution of what in nature


A respiratory pigment of blue in color called hemocyanin is present in animals of which phylum


An activated enzyme consisting of a polypeptide chain and a cofector is known as


Oxigen diffuses how many times more quickly in the air than in water

1000 times

Which of the following is related to phytol


It is a third  mechanism to defend the body against foreign invaders is

immune system

Trypanosoma is transmitted by the bite of infected

 tsetse fly

One micrometer ( um) is equal to

1×10-0 of a meter

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FSC (Part 1) 1st-year Biology Solved MCQs With Answers