FSC Part 1 Biology Important Short Questions

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FSC Part 1 Biology Important Short Questions 1st year 2022

FSC Part 1 Biology Important Short Questions 1st year

FSC Part 1 Biology Important Short Questions 1st year

  •  Give characteristics of red algae?
  • Define a peptide bond and how it is formed?
  • Differentiate between apoenzyme and holoenzyme?
  • What is a co-factor? Give its significance
  • How do fungi differ from animals?
  • Give four characteristics of enzymes?
  • What is Rubisco? Write down its functions?
  • Write down two differences between protostomes and deuterostomes along with an example
  • Write down a short note on omnivorous fungi?
  • Define slime molds?
  • What are polyps and medusae?
  • Write down the molecular formula for chlorophyll “a” and “b”?
  • Give asexual reproduction in sponge
  • How dark reaction can be summarized in a chlorophyll
  • Give four characteristics of bony fishes?
  • What is a theory? Write down the properties of a good theory
  • Differentiate between fresh water and marine water biology
  • What is the primary wall? Give its chemical composition
  • Differentiate between chromoplast and leucoplast
  • Define thallus?
  • Different between intracellular and extracellular digestion?
  • Define Biotechnology?
  • Give two characteristics of euglenoids?
  • Mention structural features of red algae
  • Name floral leaves of a flower along with their functions
  • What is double fertilization?
  • What do mean about the lock and key method?
  • Define hypertension and its cause?
  • Define hydroponic culture technique?
  • Write down two functions of the lymphatic system?
  • What is the cell fractionation technique?
  • What is different between competitive and non-competitive inhibitors?
  • What is the main cause of lungs cancer?
  • How do trapping and digestion of insects occur in sundew?
  • What is the difference between microtubule and microfilament?
  • Write down about spiral-shaped bacteria. Give all its three forms
  • Write down any four characteristics features of viruses
  • What are amoebae? Give Example?
  • What is different between separate and non-separate hyphae?
  • Define saprophytic nutrition?
  • Define the cofactor and activator?
  • What is dyspepsia?
  • What is lung cancer?
  • How expiration occurs in human
  • How fungi is economically helpful in the food industry?
  • Give the composition of breathed air in a man?
  • How PH affects the capacity of hemoglobin to combine with oxygen?
  • Differentiate between proterostomia and deuterostomes?
  • write down the functions of proteins?

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FSC Part 1 Biology Important Short Questions 1st year

Biology Important Short Questions of 1st year

1st-year Biology Important Short Questions