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Phy101 Grand Quiz 2021

Phy101 Grand Quiz 2021

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PHY101 Grand Quiz solution 2021

PHY101 Grand Quiz Solution

PHY101 Solved MCQs Mega File

PHY101 Solved Quiz

PHY101 Solved Grand Quiz Solution

PHY101 Grand Quiz 2021

Phy101 Grand Quiz 2021 With Answers


When a wave travels through a medium

Energy is transferred at a constant speed


Possible units of angular momentum are:


A transverse wave is transporting energy from east to west. The particles of the medium will be more

North to south only


Stress is proportional to a strain called:

Young’s Law


The ultimate strength of a sample is the stress at which the sample.



A glass of water is placed on a sheet of paper. Quickly drag the sheet of paper from under the glass of water without spilling the water is due to:



If the mass of moving abject is doubled then its K.S becomes.

2 times


A transverse wave is transporting energy from east to west. The particles of the medium will be more

North to south only


Distance covered during one vibration of an accelerating body in terms of amplitude A



Example of a physical quantity




The slop of velocity-time graph shows the:

The average acceleration of body


0.0003711 is scientific notation is

3.7* 10^-4


For a body to be in equilibrium under the combined action of several forces:


The sum of the components of all the forces in any direction must equal zero



Suitable units for gravitational Constant G are:





The angular momentum vector of Earth about its rotation axis, Due to its daily rotation, is directed:


Change the momentum in one second is called:



If the force is applied at the center of mass then torque is:



A bullet shoot straight up returns to its starting point in 10 sec. the initial speed was

49 m/s


The ability of a capacitor to store charge depends upon:

All of these


A man with his arms at his sides. Is spinning on light friction fundable. When he extends his arms:

His angular velocity remains to reverse the same


The velocity-time graph is parallel to the time axis the acceleration of moving body is:



Units of distance are:


Light year


The center of mass of the system consisting of Earth, the Sun and the planet Mars is:

Closer to the Sun than to either of the other bodies


If the total momentum of a system is changing:


A net external force must be acting on the system


One revolution is the same as:

2n rad


Because a buoyant force acts in the opposite direction of gravity.

Objects summered in water have a net force smaller than their weight


The goal of all specific inquiry (or scientific method) is:

Predicting natural events based on known patterns

PHY101 Grand Quiz Solution 2021

PHY101 SOLVED Grand Quiz

PHY101 Grand Quiz

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