9th Class Physics Past Paper 2021 Gujranwala Board

In This post, e will discuss 9th Class Physics Past Paper 2021 Gujranwala Board and also read only that which questions came In the 9th class physics book. In my point of view, this 9th Class physics book is very easy if students read with complete focus and understand all these formulas and theories. All books are very tough or easy if we don't focus and not interest them So students we request to please do the study properly if you want to succeed in life because education is much important for us. Education is used in all jobs field so that you should focus on your study and other things to do. Please read the Class Physics Past Paper 2021 Gujranwala Board and sard with other students.

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Posted Date9 September 2021
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9th Class Physics Past Paper 2021 Gujranwalqa Board

9th Class Physics Past Paper 2021 Gujranwala Board

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9th Class Physics Past Paper 2021 Gujranwala Board


T9th Class Physics Past Paper 2021 GRW Board


  • What is meant by zero error and zero correction?
  • Define derived units and give an example
  • Define scientific notation.
  • Differentiate between scalars and vectors
  • Define uniform speed.
  • How can vector quantities be represented graphically?
  • What is the difference between sliding friction and rolling friction?
  • A car starts from rest its velocity becomes 20ms-1 in 8 seconds. Find its acceleration.

The above are short questions that come in the first portion after MCQs and students these questions are much more important of 9th Class Physics Past Paper 2021 because these questions are from full books and they are also considered important questions and you can also add these short questions in important questions. Also, read STA301 Current Final Term Papers 2021.



  • Define torque also write down its unit.
  • What is meant by a rigid body?
  • How does head to tail rule help to find the resultant of forces [vectors?]
  • On what factors the orbital speed of satellite depends.
  • What is meant by communication satellite?
  • Why is the law of gravitation important to us?
  • What is meant by power write down its formula?
  • Define energy. Give it’s an example.

This is the 2nd position of the short questions section now these short questions are also important for 9th Class Physics students. You should read questions and then find the answers or all these questions and then prepare honesty We hope you will get good marks in your exams if these questions also come in your exams. 11th Class Chemistry Important Log Questions



  • Define density and write down its formula.
  • What is Hooke's law?
  • Differentiate between strain and stress.
  • Define heat write down its SI unit.
  • Evaporation causes cooling why
  • Define latent heat of fusion.
  • Write down two uses of a convection current.
  • Define thermal conductivity.

Now, this is the last 3rd short questions portion these short questions are also important for 9th Class Physics students. Students try to find answers to these questions from textbooks not use any third party books as important notes books, model papers, or others because in school routine you learn and clear all concepts from textbooks because many teachers read only books and on the last day before exams ask students to read model papers also so that some students did not intelligent so for these students teacher recommended that they prepare from model papers. Students share this 9th Class Physics Past Paper 2021 Gujranwala Board with others students.



  • Define and explain the law of conservation of momentum.
  • A car moves with a uniform velocity of 40ms-1 for 5 seconds it comes to rest in the next 10 seconds with uniform deceleration. Find [1] deceleration [2] total distance traveled by car
  • State the law of gravitation and derive its mathematical formula
  • A man is pulling a trolley on a horizontal road with a force of 200 N making 30 with the road. Find the horizontal and vertical components of its force.
  • Define linear thermal expansion in solids and derive its formula L=L [1+aT]
  • The head of a pin is a square of a size of 10mm. find the pressure on it due to a force of 20 N.  

Above you will see important long questions of 9th class physics. Students we try to provide you best and accurate solutions but now your duty is to read our post complete and then try to learn after learning your duty to share with other students o that they could also read and try to learn easily. Students we want to ask you please read books first and then try to read any important notes, short notes past papers, current papers, and model papers, you should read first from the textbook only because these all board papers are made from the textbook only so that you should read and prepare to form your books then try to read the important question before exams few days. Students, please share this 9th Class Physics Past Paper 2021 Gujranwala Board with all students and if you find any mistake in our article then send a message in the comments box otherwise ignored this.

9th Class Physics Past Paper 2021 Gujranwalqa Board pdf