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9th Class Physics Past Paper 2021 English Medium

9th Class Physics Past Paper 2021 English Medium

9th Class Physics Past Paper English Medium

  • What is meant by base quantities give one example? 
  • Express 4800000w in kilo and megawatt by using prefixes?
  • How least count of Vernier calipers can be calculated? 
  • Differentiate between scalars and vectors?
  • What is meant by rest and motion? 
  • Define velocity write down its mathematical formula?
  • Why does a passenger move outward when a bus takes a turn?
  • Define friction and limit friction?

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Posted Date16 September 2021
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Post Title9th Class Physics Past Paper 2021 English Medium
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  • When a body is said to be in equilibrium?
  • What is a rigid body? 
  • Give an example of a moving body that is in equilibrium? 
  • What is meant by the force of gravitation? 
  • Why is the law of gravitation important to us? 
  • What is the difference between g and G? 
  • Define energy give two types of mechanical energy?
  • What is meant by the efficiency of a system?

  • Define density and elasticity?
  • Why does atmosphere pressure change with height? 
  • Define tensile strain write down its formula?
  • What is meant by thermal equilibrium? 
  • Define heat capacity write down its unit?
  • Differentiate between conduction and convection?
  • What is meant by convection currents? 
  • What is meant by the transfer of heat?

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9th Class Physics Past Paper 2021 English Medium


  • State law of conservation of momentum explain it with the example of balls? 
  • A car has a velocity of 10ms-1 it accelerates at 0.2ms-2 for half a minute find the distance traveled during this time and the final velocity of the car?
  • Define equilibrium state and explain the first condition for equilibrium?
  • A 500 g stone is thrown up with a velocity of 15ms-1 find its? 
  • P.E at its maximum height? 
  • K.E when it hits the ground?
  • Define the coefficient of linear thermal expansion and prove that @= ΔL/L.ΔT
  • A student presses her palm by her thumb with a force of 75 N what would be the pressure under her thumb having a contact area of 1.5cm2 

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