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Cs601 Current Final Term Papers 2021

Cs601 Current Final Term Papers

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Cs601 Current Final Term Papers

Today CS601 paper

> 16 MCQs

=> 4 questions of three marks

1. question was about attenuation in a wireless network and its unit. (attenuation ki definition di hoi thi or pocha hoa tha kh is characteristic ko kia kahtay hain or is characteristics ka unit kia hai?)       

2. SONET correspond to the physical and data link layer.write three specific layers that correspond to data link layer.

3.Write about two sublayers of data link layer.

4."station A send data packet to station B.Station A can send packet again to B when it receive ACK reply from B ".What protoocol is this?

=>2 questions of 5 marks

4. Identify that which belong to which random-access protocol / controlled access

  a) ALOHA

  b) Polling

  c) Reservation



5. question was asked about loop problem.Actually a scenario was given and we have to tell that which problem is this.and also have to tell its solution.(spannig tree algorithm).

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Cs601 Current Final Term Papers

CS601 exam 30 Aug 2021

6 PM

Objectives kaafi tricky the but agar aapke concepts clear he tou kaafi easy the.



Name 3 types of Controlled Access protocols

Minimum Hamming distance ka formula

Hub and Switch OSI model k konsi layers me fall krte

Carriers of LATA


Table tha and Simple Hamming distance find krna tha

baaki transmission delay find krna tha Numerical question tha

Cs601 Current Final Term Papers

Cs601 today's paper 

Mcqs conceptual te data link layer,

Physical layer, ethernet, unipolar in topics pe aye te 

Long question scenario diye te  5 number walay question m topic 1 : CSMA 2:polling 

Short question

1: switches or hub kis layer pe kaam krte hain 2:frames ki type  

3:IEEE.11 specification batani ti 

4:Error detection or correction ka difference batana ta

Current Final Term Papers

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