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ECO401 Current Final Term Papers 2021

ECO401 Current Final Term Papers

Posted Date3 September 2021
Mid/FinalFinal Term
Book CodeECO401
UniversityVirtual University
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ECO401 Current Final Term Papers

 Eco 401 

Bohot easy paper 

2 short (i) labor supply curve. long (i) friction and construction unemployment (ii) profit find krna tha us formula sai TR-TC

Bohot asan MCQs

ECo 401 Final term paper 

 ( 30 Aug 2021)

1:Find shortage /surplus of given output and Aggregate spendings.

2:Find AVC ..?

3:Why growth is an important macroeconomics issue.? 

4: the concept of Experience goods?

Eco401 ka aj paper tha mera 5 mark ka q tha pure inflation wala r 5 mark ka tha ak table bana tha jis TFC AUR TVC di thi thi r TC v di gyi thi r marginal cost find krna tha r r ak 3 nu ka tha three dermint resditional demad find krni thi r ak  3 nu ka table jis man fixed r variable cost batna 4 qurstion thy

ECO401 Current Final Term Papers

Mera eco 401 ka paper thi  5 mark ka ik question grph ma marginal revenue find kirna tha or 5 mark ka question kid ma GNP or NNP find kirna tha short question withdrawal and injection ma different  or long run curve  Wala tha

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