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ISL201 Midterm Solved MCQs

ISL201 Midterm Solved MCQs

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Posted Date30 September 2021
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ISL201 Midterm Solved MCQs

….. Is the only virtue that brings honor to a believer man or woman in the Islamic society




Which one of the following is a comprehensive source of legislation in an Islamic state


Holy Quran and Sunnah


One of the main purposes of the holy prophets SAW mission was to build ……….. in people




There are ……….. Main categories of Islamic worship




Which of the following surah describe the concept of tauheed comprehensively


Al – ikhlas


As pr the constitution of Pakistan the highest authority belongs to




Prophet Ibrahim [A.S] left his family in the desert due to ………..


Allah’s command


Allah Almighty does not like …………. In his worship




Sadaqat means



What is the first demand of sincerity?


The similarity in inner and outer self

Referring a matter to Allah almighty means to solve it in the light of ………..


All of the given options


The outward appearance of man is called




The Muhammad [S.A.W] address of Quba is called as khutba.e. …………..




All the time of ascension [miral] the holy prophet returned to Makkah at the same




Due to the protection of life after converting to Islam ………… worship will be obligatory



Actions are judged according to the intention is the saying of…………


Imam Ghazali


Islam develops …….. To make the people obedient to the teachings of Islam


Inner feelings


Hadith is the ……….. Source of Islamic law




It shows from hadith that sects of Muslims would be more than


Jews and Christians


Faith in the miracles is necessary for faith in ………..

Day of Judgment

ISL201 Midterm Solved MCQs

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