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Posted Date9 September 2021
Book CodePHY101
UniversityVirtual Univerity of Pakistan
Current/PastCurrent Papers 2021
Mid/FinalFinal Term Papers
Last PostMTH301 Current Papers 2021

PHY101 Current Final Term Papers 2021

PHY101 Current Final Term Papers

PHY101 Current Final Term Papers

PHY 101 

Only 3 MCQs past paper 

Plans constant 

Blackbody radiation mn konsa law use krty hn

Body temperature C mn 

3 short questions (1_about pressure cocker)(2_greater wavelength eject greater electron smaller wavelength eject fewer electrons) and 2 examples ( pge#103) or P.E wali AK example

One long question(about earth)

One example (mujhy wo handouts or past papers mn knhi ni mili). Also Read  MGT503 Current Final Term Papers 2021

Phy101 8AM

MCQ'S 50% from past paper

Did light bulb in series disconnect esa hi kch question ta past paper mai ha ye wala

Diff b/w resistance and resistivity?

Did 1/p+1/q=1/f or M=-q/p apply an image that is formed by a flat mirror?

2 numerical


paper may ziyada mgnetic field walay or  last chapter sunwal us may say ziyada aya tha paper! ik question tha step down transformer wala n1 or n2 deya howa tha us may say S1 find krna tha ..or ik question tha sun  ka defien krna tha sun ki sakht layer k bary may or sun ka power  formola find krna tha or...half life  wala tha question  iostops  ki maloom krna thi half life after 2nd day numarical half life or n num or coil waalay kr lo transformer walay bbss baqi 45 wala lec ipm hay braa Also Check MGT211 Current Final Term Papers 2021


 1-Fundamental source of Electromagnetic radiation

2-Electric aur magnetic  sy kafi aya tha.  Mcqs mn bhi. 

Baqi ss. Send kr rha hu is pdf sy aye...

2  numerical..  (  find the momentum of the photon) and ( find the force to move electric charges.. ) 2 marks 

1 numerical 5 marks

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