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SOC101 Past Papers Final Term 2021

SOC101 Past Papers Final Term

Students this post is very helpful for you if you want to prepare for your exams and also want to get good marks in your exam then this SOC101 Past Papers Final Term would be helpful So please read complete and try to find answers from handouts then try to learn easily. But some students don't rely on short notes, past papers, and other solutions they just read handouts only but it is not good practice for preparation of exams you should read handout first then read current papers and last read past papers they more chance you get good marks in final or mid exams. Please share

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 SOC101 Past Papers Final Term 2021

Paper 1

Soc (101)

  • Short questions
  • 1:Intra generation 
  • 2:Rise symmetrical families 
  • 3: economic production 
  • 4: the absolute number of illiterates increasing the population of females illiterates 
  • 5:solid waste: according to "disposable society" define average person discards rates
  • Long
  • 1: environment issues impact from inflicting theory
  • 2:Basic themes of post-industrial society

Paper 2

Soc (101)

Mcqs were easy from Marx theory 1 from Davis Moore approach structural-functional paradigm.

Gender stratification. Social class - vital statistics- cultural change- primary teacher required in 2010. 

3 and 5 marks question:

What is demography? Why it is important?

Conflict theorists believe regarding gender inequality

Environment racism

What are dimensions a social planner can plan an idea for socio-economic development?

Social change

SOC101 Solved MCQs

Paper 3

Soc (101)

1:fucadity defin

2,iner generation mobility intra generation mobility

3 how the class effect on success or failure of the life

4: areas that improve socio-economic  of country

5: issues of environment

Mcqs file me sy thy


Paper 4

Soc (101)

Mcqs bilkul b past papers sy ni aye thy half conceptual or difficult b thy or half easy b 

Questions easy thy but conceptual past papers sy kuch ni aya

1, Explain the demographic transition in your own words.

2. what is the greenhouse effect and what is the result.

3, Explain weber's theory,, market position influences his or her life chances.

4. How should avoid the issue of overpopulation.

What is a cross-class household explain with the help of an example 

5. Explain Davis more theory and its benefits for society.

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SOC101 Past Papers Final Term 2021

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Paper 5

Soc (101)

Today my soc101

Social change se tha 1 due to modernity 

Shooling socialization se enlist six. Long 

How we can reduce dropout in Pakistan long

Patriarchy  kam hu rhi is py feedback dena tha 3 nmbr ka

Kinship explain

2 marks

Overpopulation se tha  resources type kuch 3 marks 

16 mcqs 10 12 conceptual  bki handouts se  4  az it is thy

Past paper ya jo abi quiz huwy oun me se bs  1 tha  quiz

Paper 6

Soc (101)

Mostly mcqs  handouts by thy almost 20% past papers say aye thy or levis Moore ki theory kay baray mein 3 mcqs thy

3 population or birth rate or death rate kay baray mein thy 8 questions thy

1 why levis Moore theory is most criticized by other schools of thoughts

2 describe market position regarding max weber theory of class and stratification 

3 what is the population policy of Pakistan 

4 explain three major residential patterns.

5 explain the causes of major urbanization

6 give your point of view on why sociologists believe that gender is a basic conflict

7 describe the difference between developed countries or developing countries regarding the quality of air and the environment

Students we try to provide you best SOC101 Past Papers Final Term for student's help so that Pakistani students could find study solutions and grow our country by getting an education. The Education system in Pakistan has divided into six levels.

  • Pre School (From 3 to 5 Years)
  • Primary  ( 1 to 5 Class)
  • Middle (six 6 to eight 8)
  • High Grade (Nine to Ten)
  • Intermediate Mediate (11 to 12)

After these steps, students get admission in any university and passed degrees like BS, BSC, MSC, MS, and others. But students you should also focus aby skills which helps you in any company where you want to get a job otherwise without skill you will reject from jobs. Also, Read SOC101 Solved MCQs

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