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Business Communication & Report Writing Part 2 Past Paper 2021

Business Communication & Report Writing Part 2 Past Paper 2021

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Business Communication and Report Writing Part 2 Past Paper


Define the following:

  • (1) Solicited job application 
  • (2) Memorandum
  • (3) Endorsements
  • (4) Non-Verbal Communication
  • (5) Inductive approach
  • (6) Decoding
  • (7) Concreteness
  • (8) Sales promotion letter
  • (9) Invoice
  • (10) Proxemics


Define Non-Verbal Communication. Explain its components and their importance.
Define Noise. What are different barriers that distort communication and how can we overcome them?


Write clown a sales letter to sell your shampoo to control hair fall. Follow the ADCA plan to introduce your special formula.
Write down a letter to collect the outstanding amount of your customer. Previously you have invited the party for discussion but it went unanswered. Now write down to elaborate your right to take legal action.


Write down a letter to the newspaper editor to report the climate change in Pakistan and alert the readers of their responsibilities.
Write a short note on any Five of the following market terms:
(1) cap price
(2) Boom
(3) Bull Campaign
(4) Subsidy
(5) Rigging
(6) Glut
(7) Lame duck of the market 


What is the importance of oral presentation? Explain its types and when are they used.
What are different types of official messages? Explain their usage and importance.

Students these are the questions of b com part 2 past paper 2021. We hop you read all questions and also write on note book for future use in preparation time. Students, please share it on all social media platforms for other student's help because some questions can also come in the current paper so kindly read them and try to find answers to these past papers then learn them properly then hope you will get good marks if any such questions come in your paper. Please share Past Paper 2021 Bussince Communication

Business Communication and Report Writing Part 2 Past Paper 2021

Business Communication and Report Writing Part 2 Past Paper 2021

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