Dear students in this post you will read and also read online on this website without any charge w need your percent here only. This Civics Past Paper 1st Year is the latest paper of the Gujranwala board some questions are easy and some questions are difficult but it does not matter for intelligent students who prepare full books for their exams. We already upload many other books past and current papers for students' help only so that our students can easily find study solutions and they can get study solutions quickly but fortunately, so students do not focus on any books then they lose their marks as well as time. Students this is a good time to read or to get knowledge because now many social media platforms where you can easily find important past papers, short notes, solved mcqs, and informative lectures without any cost. We also provide you Civics Past Paper 1st Year In English without any demand. We also shared a Past paper Advance Financial Accounting Part 2 Past Paper 2021 Punjab University.

Civics Past Paper 1st Year 2021 Gujranwala Board In English

Civics Past Paper 1st Year In English

In This Book Civics we learn the knowledge and about the obligations of citizens in society and much more knowledge than who the person has an obligation in other person and how to full obligation of others, people, all these things we learn in this Civics Book In our point view this book is so easy because every Muslims already know all obligations and also how full obligation of any person. Our Deen Islam already tells us about these things. But still, some students consider it a very tough book and they fail in final or class exams because they don't work hard to learn or read books properly. Students don't worry we are always here to provide you with Civics Past Paper 1st Year In English, Civics short notes, Civics solved MCQs, Civics short and long questions and much more for students' help only. Also, Read PHY101 Quiz No 4 Solution.

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  • Civics Past Paper 1st Year Gujranwala Board In English

Civics Past Paper 1st Year In English


  • What is the definition of Civics by E.M.White?
  • Describe two differences between Civics and Economics.
  • How does Civics build the character of a citizen?
  • What is meant by the political economy?
  • What is the definition of Community by Mac over?
  • Describe the difference between nation and nationality?
  • Describe the kinds of community.
  • Write down any two elements of nationality.
  • What is the definition of the welfare state by Laski?
  • What is the definition of state by Woodrow Wilson?
  • What is the role of planning in the collective development of the state?
  • How an Islamic state is different from a national state?

This is the 1st section of short questions where you attempt only eight short questions which have marks 2 and if you attempt eight questions and accurate answers then you will gain 16 marks from the first sections. Students, please pick these questions first which answers are easy and you also know well. Then pick 2nd questions which are less know from first and then 3rd, 4rd so on. But at last questions, you should pick such questions which are easy or tough but you also very well because some papers checker look first and the last portion only our teacher also advised us before final papers and know we tell us all these important instructions. Some Paper checkers read all questions and their answers so you should write correct all questions answers. Students if you like this post then you can share it Civics Past Paper 2021 1st Year In English with your friends or class fellows who also want to read past papers or current papers. This post will help you in the preparation for exams. Read Chemistry 1st year Past Paper 2021


  • Who runs the government in the parliamentary system?
  • Write down two basic principles of Islamic sovereignty.
  • What is meant by the comprehensiveness of sovereignty?
  • What did Burt and Russell say about democracy?
  • Write down any two demerits of democracy.
  • Write down the meaning of dictatorship.
  • Write down any two characteristics of a unitary form of government.
  • What is meant by the federal form of government?
  • What is called bicameral legislature?
  • What is the definition of law given by Salmond?
  • What is meant by private law?
  • What is meaning by customs?

This is the 2nd section of Civics Past Paper 1st Year 2021. Students these questions are the most important questions you can add them in important short questions notes because these questions have come from the full Civics Book. So we feel that these questions have more value than other questions So now your responsibility to read them properly and also share this Civics Past Paper 1st Year 2021 In English with other students so that can also check important short questions of this 1st year Civics Book. Many other websites also provide you these past papers but they don't describe in a proper way which questions are important or not But it does not matter students also know which things are important. Also, read 11TH Class Chemistry Past MCQs.


    • What is meant by citizenship?
    • What is meant by self-control?
    • Write down two economic rights of a citizen.
    • What is meant by naturalized citizens?
    • What is meant by political rights by citizens?
    • What is meant by a written constitution?
    • What is meant by the constitution?
    • Write down the definition of the constitution stated by finer.
    • What is meant by platform?
    • Why is free press important for sound public opinion?
    • What is the role of religious institutions to formulate a public opinion?
    • What is the role of political parties to promote national unity?
    • Write down the definition of public opinion.

    This is the last 3rd section of short questions Civics Past Paper 1st Year 2021 and we hope you read above all short questions properly ann now you also read them. Students, please note down in notebooks fr your help then you can read all questions easily rather you forget it after reading this post. We advise you to write all questions in your personal use notebook so that you can read them for preparation for exams. Students if you belong to any other board so don't worry first try to read them and if we found any other board CIVICS Past paper then we try to upload on this website we see many students also search by using this keyword for other board past papers. Also, Read Important Long Questions Of Biology 1st year

    These above all keyword students search on google to find Civics Past Paper 1st Year 2021 for preparation of exams students don't worry if we found any board past papers we will upload on this website.

      Long Questions

      • Write down the types of family.
      • Describe the functions of the judiciary.
      • What are the rights given by an Islamic state to its citizens?
      • Describe the functions of political parties.

      Students this is the last section of Civics Past Paper 1st Year 2021 and also see important long questions from the full CIVICS Book some students don't know about important long questions and they ask the teacher, Sir please tell us which Long questions are important and can come in papers but know we tell us please read past paper s after complete the book all topics then find short notes and past paper s then read answers from books only don't learn from modal papers or short notes because you already learn and read from books but this time to read or learn from modal paper very difficult for you. Students, please tell us this post-Civics Past Paper 1st Year 2021 In English is helpful or not?. We will also upload these questions in Urdu so that some students have subjects in Urdu so they can not read in English.

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        Dear students, we try to provide you best Civics Past Paper 1st Year 2021 Gujranwala Board In English, and if you find any mistake in our study solutions please tell us in the comments sections, or if you see any papers mistake also tell us but if you see any grammar mistake in our articles so ignore it because we are not English men we are Pakistani so it does not matter but you should focus on study solutions😊

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