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CS601 Solved MCQs

CS601 Solved MCQs

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Post TitleCS601 Solved MCQs
Book CodeCS601
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CS601 Solved MCQs

In ethernet, the source address field in the MAC frame is the ........ Address 

(Next destinations physical)

......... Works with topologies in which one device is designated as a primary station and the other devices are secondary stations 


For carrier sense multiple access | collision detection we need a restriction on the ........

(Frame size)

CDMA stands for 

(Code data multiple access)

In which controlled access method all data exchange must be made through primary device even when the ultimate destination is a secondary device 


Collisions in CSMA|CA are avoided through ......

(All of the given)

A personal computer or workstation on an ethernet network must have ........ Card 


In the hexadecimal notation of ethernet address, each byte is separated by ......symbol 


In ......each station is allocated a time slot during which it can send data


The ......method has the highest chance of collision because two or more stations may find.  the line idle and send their frames immediately 

(Persistent method)

The original ethernet technology with the data rate of 10 Mbps is called

(Standard ethernet)

In ........each band is reserved for a specific station and it belongs to the station all the time 


Which one of the following is not a channelization protocol 


In ethernet frame, both destination and sender addresses are of length 

(6 bytes)

In telephone, network POP stands for...

(Point of presence)

MAC stands for .....

(Media access control)

Normally the value of kmax in pure aloha is 


For carrier sense multiple access collision detection we need a restriction on the 

(Frame size)

When we represent the data in CDMA if a station is idle then it sends 


Which one of the following is a correct controlled access method 

(All of the given)

In which controlled access  method all data exchange must be made through the primary device  even when the ultimate destination is a secondary device 


In .......each band is reserved for a specific station and it belongs to the station all the time 


In pure aloha the vulnerable time is... The frame transmission time 

(Two times)

DSL stands for .....

(Digital subscriber line)

In the context of ethernet address the.  the source address is always a ......address


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CS601 Solved MCQs

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