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Students this ENG201 Business And Technical English so informative and conceptional book in this book we read basis topic of English as finding answers question from paragraphs and other grammar things which need for all students to learn if they want to learn English language but students this book is so additional book all topic clearly describe any weak students also understand this eng201-grand-quiz-2021-pdf topic if he focuses on the study. There are many students who could not focus on books and they lost their much of time in other work then they fail in exams. Students we request to you please read books and notes if you want to get good and higher education and also want to get good marks and also pas in any class because hardworking is necessary for any field without hard work we can not achieve any success. Students, please share it eng201-grand-quiz-2021-pdf if this post is helpful for you.

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Umer is an unusually tall Sindhi

Which of the following types of biases does it exemplify?

(Ethnic bias) 

Reports cover everything including 

(All of the given) 

His birthday is coming ………….. Next week


Look ………. There's a bus coming it is going to hit you 


Which of the following is the most important part of the indirect plan 


Nobody …….. The trouble I’ve seen


The claim is a legal demand or assertion by a claimant for ………… for a loss


 A short report is submitted in the form of a letter or memorandum


In ……….. Attachments may consist of several pages 

(Short reports) 

How many types of sentences are used to give your sentence variety


How can the business message be more effective? 

(By being purposeful audience-centered and concise)

………….. Medium is the best when you don't need immediate feedback but you do need speed 


Cheating is dishonesty ……. It hinders students from learning 


An agenda is a simple list of ….. To be discussed 


Which of the following appears at the end of the report 


Which of the following medium is the best when you want immediate feedback


The two principal documents that hold relative importance in a meeting are the …..and the ……..

(Meeting minutes proposal) 

The indirect plan consists of ……….. Parts 


While composing a business message be sure you …….. Distort the truth 


The need for additional clarity and follow-up communication is eliminated if your communications are……..


Marie wanted to buy a new book …. She could not remember the title or the name of (But) 

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