In this post, you will see isl201-grand-quiz-pdf. We already have many other posts for students to help you can chem them by visiting our website. This post for those students who want to find a grand quiz of ISL201 book. In this post, you will read informative and helpful last year 2021 solved mcqs those are very helpful for future incoming students. These mcqs are solved by all senior students in the WhatsApp group many students help other students by solving this grand quiz 2021. So if you find any wrong grand quiz in this post then you can correct it from handouts otherwise tell us then we will correct it very soon. Our previously post eng201-grand-quiz-2021-pdf.



This ISL201 is considered very easy book but infect also we say very easy for that student who already know about Islamic history or Islamic deen, Quran, Hadees and other books and all stories and Arabic Urdu translations for those students this book is very easy and they can also get good marks in this book ISL201 Exams. We are always here to provide you isl201-grand-quiz-pdf and other book study solutions for students so that our students can easily find all study solutions and they can also get good marks in exams. Many students don't like to search on google for any study solutions but it is not good for such students who don't read and don't find important study solutions from google or youtube or others because this is the most powerful social media here you can easily find any important study materials which help you in papers. We suggest to you please visit our website for any study solutions we will provide you your desired study solutions otherwise you can wait for updates on any solutions.

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Holy Prophet PBUH said that righteous ruler will ……… you righteously


Our worship is wholly for the fulfillment of 

(Spiritual destiny)

Taqwa is the only force that can 

(All of the given options)

If we perform good deeds just for the sake of Allah our lord will be ……….

(All of the given options)

Sadaqat means 


It has been narrated by ……. That the holy prophet saw was the greatest possessor of knowledge and wisdom 

(Hazrat Ali R.A) 

………. Is the only virtue that brings honor to a believer man or woman in the Islamic society 


Through fasting and performing hajj man pays ….. Of Allah 

(Huq i Jamal)

The holy prophet saw preached in Makkah for ………. Years 


A combination of financial and physical worship is …….


………. Left his wife and son in the desert to fulfill the order of Allah almighty 

(Hazrat Ebrahim A.S.)

The outward appearance of man is called 


………. Means forbearance fear and abstinence 


According to ibn Abbas, the term Furqan means 

(Being helped)

Allah judges our needs only on the basis of 


The ………. Means uniformity in mans inner and outer emotions 


Surah ikhlas describes the concept of …….. Comprehensively 


A person who is bad in social conduct and moral disposition will lead a ……….. Life 


Every act without the truth is deceitful to man is the saying of imam………


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