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MGT301Current Final Term Papers 2021

MGT301 Current Final Term Papers

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Post TitleMGT301Current Final Term Papers 2021
Book CodeMGT301
UniversityVirtual Univerity of Pakistan
Current/PastCurrent Papers 2021
Mid/FinalFinal Term Papers
Last PostMGT301Current Final Term Paper 2021

MGT301 Current Final Term Papers

Today paper Mgt301 

  •  28 mcqs the themes Mai se ache se read Kar ly definition thi mcqs Mai..
  •  4 question 
  •  2 mark 2 questions 
  • Q:1.Enlist three types of communication tools
  • Q:2.Enlist three types of Services.
  •  5 marks 2 question 
  • Q:1.explain environmental or pillar population prevent described Karna tha
  • Q:2.senario tha segmentation identification or explanation.

 *Zada mushkil nhi tha paper 

MGT 301 

2 August 2021

  • 1. Shopping and convenient marketing m different.
  • 2. Tying And territorial agreement define
  • 3. Factors that affect 
  • Pricing
  • 4. AdWords and 3 most expansive AdWords
  • Mgt301.. 30 August 2021 
  • Total 32 thy js m sy 28 Mcqs thy or mcqs m koi bi true false ni tha sara conceptual tha handouts ki reading kry bsss
  • Or 2 short questions thy 3 marks k
  • 2 long questions thy 5  marks k


30-8- 2021

Long 5 marks:

1)Enlist the names of any 5 Mix product pricing strategies?

2) what is google AdWords? Discuss the most used 3 keywords of AdWords.

Short 3 Mark's:

1) 3 characteristics of service

2) what is Consumerism? Discuss this term.

Or MCQs mai segmentation, Targeting,  Brand extension,, line extension, Advertising Deceptive pricing,  planned obsolescence, Shoddy products, search marketing, etc sy related thy

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