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PHY101 Solved Quiz

PHY101 Solved Quiz

In this book PHY101 Introduction To Physics, You will learn about the movement of body living and nonliving things in this physics act on them. This PHY101 is a very easy book if read it by understand and also read our concepts because this book is only concept base if you clear them then you will read or learn easily. But some students don't like this book because they have no interest in this books their teacher no more know any concepts so that some students could not read it but the teacher is the very valuable thing if teacher good of any book they students make excitement by reading any book. Students don't worry we are always with you and try to provide you best and accurate study solutions as PHY101 Solved Quiz. Also, read this PHY101 Midterm Solved Quiz.

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PHY101 Solved Quiz

The mass of a neutron 

(Is a little more than that of a proton)

A heat of transformation of a substance is 

(The energy per unit mass absorbed as heat during a phase transmission)

According to the special theory of relativity 

(Momentum is not conserved in a high-speed collision)

The Pauli exclusion principle is obeyed by

(All particles with spin quantum numbers of 1|2)

Which of the following is not evidence for the wave nature of matter 

(The photoelectric etc)

The isotopes of an element 

(Have similar chemical behavior)

In an adiabatic process 

(The energy absorbed as heat equals the work done by the environment on the system)

 J.J Thompson's measurement of e|m for electrons provides evidence of the 

(Particle nature of matter )

A thermometer indicates 98.6? C It may be

(In a cup of hot tea)

Of the following which is the best evidence for the wave nature of matter 

(The reflection of electrons by crystals)

If two objects are the thermal equilibrium with each other 

(They cannot be at different temperatures)

During a slow adiabatic expansion of a gas 

(No energy enters or leaves are heated)

An isothermal process for an ideal gas is represented on a p.V diagram by 

(A portion of a hyperbola)

According to the special theory of relativity 

(Momentum is not conserved in a high-speed collision)

The isotopes of an element 

(Have similar chemical behavior)

Absolute zero is considered as that temperature at which 

(Ice melts)

Possible units for the core cent of volume expansion 


Which of the following is not evidence for the wave nature of matter 

(The photoelectric e? etc)

Of the following which has the smallest rest energy 

(An electron)

The heat capacity of an object is 

(The amount of heat energy that raises its temperature by 1? C)

The hotness or coldness of an object is represented in terms of 


A particle with the rest mass m moves with the speed of 0.6c its kinetic energy is 


Of the following which is the best evidence for the wave nature of matter 

(The photoelectric e? etc)

Probability values are assigned on a scale of 

(0 to 1.)

The electrons states that constitute a single shell for an atom all have 

(The same value of n)

A femtometer is 


According to the theory of relativity 

(Momentum is not conserved in a high-speed collision)

Let Z denote the atomic number and A donate the mass number of a nucleus the number of neutrons in the nucleus is 


Evidence that molecules of a gas are in constant motion is 

(Two gases interdict? Use quickly)

A calorie is about 


In order that a single process is both isothermal and isobaric 

(A change of phase is essential)

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