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SOC101 Solved Quiz

SOC101 Solved Quiz

This SOC101 Introduction To Sociology is a very informative book in this book you will read about our society's problems, issues, and other things which relate to our society but you can also see other things. But some students consider this book SOC101 tough and they could not pass in this book students these are lame excuses from students who don't like to read this books but don't worry students we also here to help you providing our solutions whee you will see SOC101 Solved Quiz, SOC101 Past Papers, SOC101 Important, And Short Notes, and all other books solutions. Also, Read SOC101 Past Final Term Papers.

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SOC101 Solved Quiz

  • Ahmed married Sobia and after marriage, he moves to the residence of sobias parents this residential pattern is known as 

(Matrilocal residence)

  • The idea that poverty is caused by shortcomings in the poor themselves are called

(The culture of poverty)

  • Which of the following concept is used to explain how women are prevented from attaining top managerial and professional jobs?

( glass calling )

  • Functionalist view of social class is little more ..........justification of equality in society 

(An ideological)

  • The movement of individuals and groups up or down the socioeconomic scale is known as 

(Vertical mobility)

  • Tajmahal in India is among the.  worlds most beautiful building it was built as a tomb for a single individual but it was built with the unpaid labor of common people this social inequality represents which schools of thought 

(Max Weber)

  • Saima leaves a status to get another of the same level it is called

(Horizontal mobility)

  • In a ruling family set up of hamza, the grandfather was a farmer but his father is a software engineer in a multinational company now this is an illustration of 

(Intergenerational mobility)

  • People lifestyle in Pakistan depicts which element of weber theory of stratification 


  • Saima leaves a status to get another of the same level it is called 

(Horizontal mobility)

  • Which of the following social paradigm considered the family which is perpetuating social inequality 

( functionalist)

  • Which sociological perspective argues that society must distribute members among a variety of social positions 

( functionalist)

  • Oscar lewis claims that the poor have been entrapped in a 

(Culture of poverty)

  • The Davis Moore thesis is included in which of the following theoretical paradigm 

(Structure functional)

  • A form of social organization in which females are dominated by males is termed as


  • The most distinctive function of Davis Moore thesis is 


  • In which of the following types of society productive technology has the least amount of social stratification


  • In which of the following types of society people attain their status primarily by their own efforts 


  • According to the structural-functional approach the family institutions 

(In the backbone of the society)

  • Three overlapping elements of stratification presented by max weber produced an enormous number of possible positions which leads to 


  • Which of the following social paradigm considers the family which is perpetuating social inequality 


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