1st year Biology Important Short Questions 

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1st year Biology Important Short Questions

1st-year Biology Important Short Questions 

1st-year Biology Important Short Questions

11TH Class Biology Important Short Questions

Important Short Questions of Biology 1st year

Biology Short Questions Short Questions Info
Post Title1st-year Biology Important Short Questions
Book CodeBiology
DegreeFSC Part 1 (Medical)
Full Book/ Half BookFull Book Biology Important Short Questions
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This is the "Biology" Part 1 important short questions for students onl6y now students should get benefits from these questions by finding answers of these questions because we provide you only important short questions but your duty to find answers because many students read and learn from books only so it is easy to learn from books if already learn from books but some students relay only on model papers and prepare their papers from model papers only so for such students answers of these questions should learn from model papers because such students already learn from model papers so now it is easy for them. But students it only depends on you what you want but our responsibility is to guide you but you focus on yourself. Please share this st-year Biology Important Short Questions

1st-year Biology Important Short Questions - 11TH Class

  • Define a peptide bond and how it is formed?
  • Differentiate between apoenzyme and holoenzyme.
  • What is a co-factor? give its significance.
  • Give four characteristics of enzymes.
  • How do fungi differ from animals?
  • Write down a short note on omnivorous fungi.
  • Write down two differences between protostomes and deuterostomes along with examples.
  • Give asexual reproduction in sponges.
  • What are polyps and medusae?
  • Give four characteristics of bony fishes.
  • How dark reaction can be summarized in an equation.
  • Differentiate between chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b
  • Differentiate between fresh water and marine water biology.
  • What is a theory? Write down the properties of a good theory.
  • What is the primary wall? Give its chemical composition.
  • Differentiate between chromoplast and leucoplast.
  • Define thallus.
  • Give two characteristics of Euglenoids.
  • Mention structural features of red algae.
  • Name floral leaves of a flower along with their functions.
  • What is double fertilization?
  • Define hypertension and its cause.
  • Write down two functions of the lymphatic system
  • Write down any four characteristics features of viruses.
  • Write down about spiral-shaped bacteria. Give all its three forms.
  • How do trapping and digestion of insects occur in sundew?
  • What is dyspepsia?
  • Define saprophytic nutrition.
  • How expiration occurs in humans.
  • What is lung cancer?
  • How PH affects the capacity of hemoglobin to combine with oxygen.
  • Give the composition of breathed air in man.
  • Differentiate between anabolism and catabolism.
  • What do you know about the infused fit model of enzyme action?
  • Define active site and also give it's two regions.
  • How enzyme-substrate complex is formed.
  • What is nuclear mitosis?
  • Describe some antibiotics obtained from fungi.
  • Differentiate between radial and biradial symmetry.
  • Give four parasitic adaptations of Platyhelminthes.
  • Write down the characteristics of amphibians.
  • What are running birds? Give examples.
  • What do you know about compensation points?
  • Give accessory photosynthetic pigments.
  • What are biopesticide? Give example.
  • Define integrated disease management.
  • Differentiate between phagocytosis and pinocytosis.
  • What are choanoflagellates? Why they are of special interest?
  • How do algae differ from plants? 
  • Define thallus.
  • How are green algae and plants from a monophyletic lineage? 
  • Why bryophytes are called amphibians of plants?
  • Differentiate between microphyll and megaphyll.
  • Write down something about the Irish potato famine.
  • How pyruvic acid is activated? 
  • Why Calvin cycle is called as C3 pathway?
  • Write down about five-kingdom classification systems proposed by Margulis and Schwartz.
  • How conjugation occurs in bacteria?
  • Differentiate between cardiac and pyloric sphincter.
  • Define digestion. Give its types.
  • How trapping and digestion of insects occur in Venus flytrap?
  • Define trachea.
  • How does inspiration occur in humans?
  • Write down the concentration of carbon dioxide in arterial and Venus blood.
  • What is tuberculosis?
  • Write down the functions of proteins.
  • Define co-factor and activator.
  • What do you mean by the lock and key method?
  • Differentiate between competitive and nonseptate hyphae.
  • How fungi is economically helpful in the food industry?
  • Differentiate between proterostomia and deuterostomes.
  • How locomotion takes place in annelids?
  • Define metamorphosis.
  • How mammals have evolved from reptilian ancestors?
  • What is rubisco? Write down its functions.
  • Write down the molecular formulae for chlorophyll a and b.
  • Define biotechnology.
  • Define hydroponic culture technique.
  • What is the cell fractionation technique?
  • Differentiate between microtubule and microfilament.
  • What are amoebae? Give example.
  • What are kelps?
  • Give characteristics of red algae.
  • Define slime molds.
  • Define bryophytes.
  • What is double fertilization?
  • Differentiate between granulocytes and Agranulocytes.
  • What are blue babies?
  • Define binomial nomenclature. Give two examples.
  • Write down the structure of plasmids in bacteria.
  • Write about three important ingredients of saliva.
  • Define symbiotic nutrition.
  • How do trapping and decomposition of insects occur in pitcher plants?
  • Write two properties of respiratory surfaces In animals.
  • Define larynx.
  • Differentiate between diaphragm and pleura.
  • What is asthma?

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