1st year Chemistry Most Important Short Questions

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1st year Chemistry Most Important Short Questions 2022

1st-year Chemistry Most Important Short Questions

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1st-year Chemistry Most Important Short Questions

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1st-year Chemistry Most Important Solved MCQs

1st-year Chemistry Most Important Short Questions 

11TH Chemistry Most Important Short Questions

1st year Chemistry Most Important Short Questions

  • Define stoichiometry give two assumptions for stoichiometric calculation?
  • How percentage yield is calculated?
  • Define Avogadro s number give one example?
  • Different between the stationary phase and the mobile phase in chromatography?
  • What is ether extraction?
  • Derive avogadros law from kmt?
  • Why the graph plotted between pressure and volume move away from pressure higher temperature?
  • Calculate SI unit of R gas constant?
  • Why does the pilot feel uncomfortable breathing at high altitudes?
  • State Raoult's law gives one mathematical expression?
  • Relative lowering of vapor pressure is independent of temperature justify?
  • Give two applications of colligative properties?
  • What are dipole forces give one example?
  • Name the factors which affect the London forces?
  • Cleavage of the crystal is itself anisotropic behavior explain?
  • Define transition temperature with two examples?
  • Why cathode rays are also called electrons?
  • Write down any four properties of positive rays?
  • Define spectrum and name any two types of the spectrum?
  • For azimuthal quantum number L= 2 and L= 3 calculate the total values of quantum number m?
  • How does equbilium constant Kc predict the direction of a reaction?
  • Define ph And write how it is helpful to know the nature of solutions?
  • What do you mean by order of reactions give two examples?
  • What is the effect of temperature on the rate of chemical reaction also write the Arrhenius equation?
  • Bond distance is the compromise distance between two atoms justified?
  • Write down the two postulates of vesper theory?
  • Differentiate between covalent and coordinate covalent bonds?
  • Draw the hypothetical orbital picture of the He2 molecule according to M.O.T?
  • Define enthalpy of formation with an example?
  • Prove q=∆E?
  • Calculate the oxidation number of the elements underlined :(a) Na2Po4?
  • How does the salt bridge maintain the electrical neutrality in the cell justify?
  • What is a standard hydrogen electrode (SHE)

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1st-year Chemistry Most Important Short Questions

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