ISL201 Grand Quiz pdf Download

In this post, students will see and read the isl201-grand-quiz-pdf and students can also read answers to this grand quiz on this website because this website provides you best only facilities but some websites only provide you with solutions files. This isl201-grand-quiz-pdf is very helpful for VU students who want to prepare for this ISL201 Book midterm paper because this is the midterm mcqs but most helpful. We have already uploaded many other books and this book also solved mcqs for students' help only so that our students can get good marks in their exams so students can help us with our struggle by sharing our study solutions with other students. Also, Read This isl201 grand quiz pdf 2021 pdf.


isl201 grand quiz pdf download

isl201 grand quiz pdf download

This is the "ISL201" Islamic Studies book Solved Grand Quiz which needs many students to read and prepare their exams quiz as we know in every paper we see quiz is necessary for small classes but in high classes, students attempt only long questions But the quiz is very important to check the students' preparation so that students should read books clearly then any student can solve his quiz but don't worry we always here to help you by providing you isl201 grand quiz pdf downloadisl201 past papers, isl201 current papers, isl201 midterm and final term important short notes and all books study solutions for students so that students can read all study materials free of cost in-home. So if you like this post isl201 grand quiz pdf isl201-grand-quiz-pdf then you can share it with your friends so that they can also read this helpful solved grand quiz. 

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ISL201 Grand Quiz Papers Info
ISL201 Grand QuizISL201 Grand Quiz pdf
ISL201 Grand QuizISL201 Grand Quiz
ISL201 Grand QuizISL201 Grand Quiz
ISL201 Grand QuizISL201 Grand Quiz
ISL201 Grand QuizISL201 Grand Quiz

ISl201 Grand Quiz pdf

Which organ of the body has a central role in our spiritual life?


A person who is bad in social conduct and moral disposition will lead a


The collaboration of the heart and tongue in man's talk is called.....

(All of the given options)

Action that keeps away the man from Allah's love.

(All of the given options)

Belief in the life of the hereafter is a.

(Fundamental of Islamic faith)

Imam Ghazali said action without .......... Is just a labor


Surah ....... Is also called as surah al tuaheed.

(Al ikhlas)

Holy Prophet PBUH said that after me you shall be ruined by ........


According to ibn Abbas, the term furqan means 


On the occasion of the pledge of Rizwan......... Dignified and praised the companions of the prophet PBUH by saying that his hand is on their hands.

(All prophets)

Hajj is the..... .  fundamental of Islam.


Allah Almighty ordered to the obedience of holy prophet PBUH with his obedience .........times in the holy Quran.


Semitic religions are 

(Islam, Christianity, Judaism)

Allah SWT described three negative objectives in surah al ail which is stinginess become independent and .........


Allah SWT described three negative objectives in surah al ail which is stinginess become independent and ........

(Belied the best)

Every act without the truth is deceitful to man is the saying of imam .......


Which is the first demand of sincerity?

(Similarity in inner and outer self)

Who is the sustainer of the world as per the commandments of the Holy Quran?


Through fasting and performing hajj man pays ........of Allah

(Huq i Jalal)

Which moral value of holy prophet SAW has been testified and accepted by disbelievers on the mountain of safa?


Holy Prophet PBUH said that .......and obeying are the duties of a Muslim in what he likes and dislikes as long as he is not ordered to commit a sin.


It had been narrated by ........that the holy prophet SAW was the greatest possessors of knowledge and wisdom.

(Hazrat Anas R.A)

The holy prophet PBUH believers who possess better manners are the most perfect in.......


The prophet Muhammad S.A.W and his family stayed in shaib e Abi Talib for .... Years.


During migration to Madinah, Prophet Muhammad SAW stayed in.....


Allah has made charity lawful and .......unlawful 


Belief in the life of the hereafter is a 

(Fundamental of Islamic faith)

Allah Almighty does not like his worship.

(All of the given options)

According to the injunctions of the holy Quran believers have to refer all their disputed matters to.....

(Allah and his prophet Muhammad SAW)

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ISL201 Grand Quiz pdf Download

Students if you see any mistake In this post so please tell us in the comments sections then we try to solve it quickly but these grand quizzes were solved by senior students in WhatsApp groups by some students help then we decide to upload them on this website for other students help.

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