MTH101 Grand Quiz Solution

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  • MTH101 Grand Quiz Solution
  • MTH101 Grand Quiz Solution pdf File


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MTH101 Grand Quiz MTH101 Grand Quiz Info
Post Titlemth101-grand-quiz-pdf
Book CodeMTH101
UniversityVirtual Univerity of Pakistan
Grand QuizMTH101 Grand Quiz
Mid/FinalMidterm Grand Quiz
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MTH101 Grand Quiz

The derivative of sec[3x] is 


Graphs of y=f[x] and y=f[-x] are reflections of one another about the …….


The derivative of f[x] = tanx - cotx2 at x =0 is


The function f[x] = [x] is differentiable at x = 0


Which of the following is the y-intercept of equation   2x = -5y+3


Let f[x] = 4x + 1 then f[2]=...........


0.121212 is an example of ……..

(irrational numbers)

If y=x+1, then the average rate of change of y w.r.t x over the interval [1.5.,2.5] will be ………


Which of the following is solution  of equation [  y-3] = -7

(y = 10 and y = -4)

If f is a function that is continuous at each point of its domain and if f has an inverse then the inverse of f is also continuous at each point of its domain 


For the curve ; f[t] = -2t+3, the instantaneous rate of change of f[t] at t = a is ……..


An ordered pair corresponds to ……. In the plane 

(a unique point)

Is the graph of equation 4y = 3x symmetric about the x-axis


The interval [-3,2] denote the set of all ……… between -3 and 2

(real numbers)

Which of the following is the midpoint of the line segment joining points [-2,1] and [2,-2]


If [0,0] and [2,2] are any two points on a curve then the square of the length of the secant segment between these points is ………..


Derivative of function ; f[x] = sin[x] , exits…………


If the function is differentiable at a point then it is also …….. At that point


Pi radians corresponds to ……… degrees


The derivative of sec[3x] is 


The interval (-3,2) denote the set of all …….. Between -3 and 2


What is the derivative of (sin x + cos (2x)]22

[ 22(cos x - 2sin2x)21 ]

Graph of y=f(x) and y=f(-x) are reflection of one another about the …………


Graph of the equation y = x+3 represents a ……….


[ x<2-9]=..........


If x - f(-3y) and y - 2x then df/dx -..............


What is the derivative of (3x2+1)32


The area of the sector with radius r and central  angle 0 radius is 

(1/2r2 0)

What is the derivative of [sinx + cos(2x)]22

(22[cos x - 2 sin 2x]21)

The functions sin and cosx are 


Let f[x] = x-3 and g[x] = x3 then [f+g][x]=


If f[x] = xsin x2 then which of the following is true about it 

(its derivative w.r.t.x is 2x cos x2 + sin x2)

If f[x] = xsinx2 then which of the following is true about it 

(its derivative w.r.t x is r cox x2 + sin x2)

The derivative of f[x]=xlnx can be found by using………

(product rule)

If g[u]=5u+3 then its derivative with respect to u is 


The derivative of 1/-x-1 with respect to x is


If the slope of a line is one then the angle of inclination of that line is …… degree


Which of the following is the y-intercept of equation 2x = 5y =3


The function f[x] = [x] is differentiable in the interval [-infinity , 0]


The equation y = +- /x describes a function 


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MTH101 Grand Quiz PDF

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