MTH202 Grand Quiz Solution

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  • MTH202 Grand Quiz Solution
  • MTH202 Grand Quiz Solution 2021
MTH202 Grand Quiz Solution

MTH202 Grand Quiz Solution

MTH202 Grand Quiz MTH202 Grand Quiz Info
Post TitleMTH202 Grand Quiz Solution
Book CodeMTH202
UniversityVirtual Univerity of Pakistan
Current/PastMTH202 Grand Quiz Solution 2021
Mid/FinalMidterm Term
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MTH202 Grand Quiz Solution

Which of the following biconditional statements is true ………..

(1+1 = 3 and only if the earth is flat)

An infinite sequence may have only a finite number of values


If A = set of students of virtual university then A has been written in the …….

(descriptive form)

If A ={x,y} B={x} then , A-{A-B} =.........


Lot p be true and q be false then (p XORq)is ………..


A set is called countable, and only if it is ……….

({d}, {b} or {c})

Let f: R _ R  is one to one function then c, f , c =/ 0 is also one to one function 


Let p be true and q be false then (p XOR q) is ……….


Stating in words the elements of a set is …………

(both a and b)

The statement it is raining or A is a college student is a ………..


In the OR gate it has both input signals and 0 then the output signal is ……….


If p is false and q is true then p,q is ……….


The set Z all integers is ……….


If p /q is false then p,q will be ………..


What does r denote in a geometric sequence 

(common rato)

Let p / q be a conditional statement then the statement q / p is called 

(double conditional)

Generally [ p AND t ] is ……… where t is a tautology 


The logical statement p < q means ……

(p AND q)

If f and g are two one to one functions then their composition that is gof is one to one 


The common ratio of the following geometric sequence 4,12,36,108,........ Is …………


The set of natural numbers is the discrete set 


P, / q is true when ……….

(p is false and q is false)

Find x and y given [ 2x, x + y ] = [6,2]


A statement that no objects being to the set belongs to ……..


Which of the following is the comprehensive answer of sentence x+2 = 4………..

(it is a true position / statement)

Let A= {1,2,3,4} and B = {7} then the constant function from A to B is ……………


-[p / q] is logically equivalent to ……..

(-p AND q)

In the digital circuits on represents 

(true or 1)

0{ = 1} 


Let p be true and q be false then [p XOR q] is ………………..

( false) 

Define a relation R= {[1,1] , [2,2] . [3,3] , [1,3] then relation is ………

( R is reflexive and transtive)

Let s be true and r be false then [ s AND r ] is …………

( t where is a tautology)

x+2=3 is a proposition 


The logic gate does not define a binary operation on { 0,1 } because ………….

(it takes a single input and gives a signal output)

A constant function is one to one iff it………. Is a singleton 


If A contains 3 element s and B contains 2 elements

then a number of subsets of AxB are ………………

( 64 )

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