PAK301 Grand Quiz

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PAK301 Grand Quiz

PAK301 Grand Quiz Solution



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PAK301 Grand Quiz     PAK301 Grand Quiz Info
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Grand QuizPAK301 Grand Quiz Solution
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PAK301 Grand Quiz

From which university Chaudhry Rehmat Ali got his higher education

(Cambridge University)

Which act was the first legislation by the British government in India 

(India independence act 1947)

Who is said to be the pioneer of the two-nation theory

(Sir Syed Ahmed khan)

When did the rule of east India company end in the subcontinent 

(in 1958)

Who was the viceroy of India when Bengal was divided in 1905

(lord Cruzan)

Who was called as the ambassador of Hindu Muslim unity 

(Quaid e Azam)

What was the main objective of Urdu defense society was set up in 1873

(Urdu should not be replaced with Hindi)

How many large states were there in India on the verge of the partition of India 


Which act was promulgated to give legal shape to the 3rd June plan in 1947

(Indian independence act July 1947)

Why did Quaid e Azam launch direct action day on august 16 1946 

(to chest against breach of pledge by viceroy F.M lord Wavell)

On which issue Jinnah opposed and left the congress in 1920

(on the issue of non-cooperation)

When the idle of sir was considered to Allama Iqbal 

(in 1922)

Which act was promulgated to give legal shape to the 3rd June plane in 1947

(Indian independence act July 1947)

When did congress start its non-cooperation movement 

(in 1940)

How many scales in the provided assembly of 1946 Muslim league captured in Bengal province 

(113 out of 115 seals)

Who was the viceroy of India when Bengal was divided in 1905

(lord cognizant)

What was the purpose of the Muslim league branch in London 

(to highlight the misunderstandings and conspiracies of the Hindus against the Muslims)

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PAK301 Grand Quiz PDF

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