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2nd Year English Chapter 1 The Dying Sun Notes

2nd Year English Chapter 1 The Dying Sun Notes

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Post Title2nd Year English Chapter 1 The Dying Sun Notes
Book CodeEnglish
ChapterChapter 1 The Dying Sun Notes
Class12TH Class (2nd Year)
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2nd Year English Chapter 1 The Dying Sun Notes

Pack: put into box, parcel, etc, put things into a box, etc, get or become crushed into small 

space. I must pack my suitcase ( fill with articles) before the taxi comes to take me to the station 

Spare: do without, let another have, give what is not needed. she told the robber to take her money but to spare (not to take) her life. Can you spare the beggar a rupee? We have a spare bed for visitors. Have you a spare shirt to lend me?

Average: number got by the addition of separate numbers and division of this by a number of such numbers; what is normal or representative. Is work is about average, or below or above average 

Rare: seldom, not often 

Radiation: giving out rays of light or heat; coming out like rays in all directions from the middle point 

Organism: a living body having pats dependent upon one another 

Reproduce: an increasing number of ones sort by having offspring 

Complex: not simple, hard to get clear or straight complex machinery, complex argument, complex sentence 

Planetary: of planets. planet, a star moving around the sun 

Space: that in which all physical things have their body. A space of hundred yards. We should have enough space between the houses. In open space.

Calculation: something worked out by mathematics; the decision as to effect event, by balancing reason, etc. a calculating, machine; a rough calculation 

Milky way: the galaxy, the shining countless stars, and nebulae stretching across the night sky


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