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cs401 midterm solved mcqs

cs401 midterm solved mcqs

CS401 Solved MCQs

Post Datecs401 midterm solved mcqs
Book CodeCS401
UniversityVirtual Univerity of Pakistan
Solved MCQs / Unsolvedcs401 solved mcqs
Mid/Finalcs401 midterm solved mcqs
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CS401 Midterm Solved MCQs

The total number of symbols extended ASCII is………….





Intel 8085 can access up to …………..of memory, whereas intel 8088 can access up to ……….of memory 

16 bits, 32 bits 

1 MB,64 KB 

64 KB, 1GB

64 KB, 1 MB

Shift logical right (SHR) moves all the bits one position the ……….and inserts and inserts a zero from the ………

Right, right 

Left, right 

Left, left 

Right, left

In a video memory, each screen location corresponds to ……..byte(s)





Which of the following register is used to hold the address of the next instruction to be executed?

Accumulator register 

Program counter

Index register 

Counter register

There is an auto-increment mode when the ……….is………..

CX, not set 

ZF, not set

DF, not set 

DF, set 

The stack pointer marks the …………of the stack


Top and bottom



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