MTH202 Grand Quiz Solution PDF 2021

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MTH202 Grand Quiz PDF 2021

MTH202 Grand Quiz PDF 2021

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MTH202 Grand Quiz PDF 2021

~ (p v q) =...............

(~ p AND ~ q)

If R is transitive then the inverse relationship will be transitive 


Let f be a function from X = {2,4,5} to Y = {1,2,4,6} defined as f = {(2,6),(4,2),(5,1)} then range of  f is ………..


Let R be a relation on a set A.R is transitive if and only if for all a,b,cEA then 

(a,b) ER and (b,c) ER but (a,c) ER 

P is equivalent to q means …………

(p is necessary and sufficient for q)

If R is transitive then the inverse relationship will be transitive 


If f is defined recursively by f(0) = -1 and f(n+1)  = f(n) + 3 then f(1) =.................


How many methods are used for representing sets ……..


X+a,x+3a,x+5a…………… is alan………..

(geometric series)

Which of the following logical connective is not a binary operation 


An important data type in computer programming consists of ………….

(finite sequences)

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1,2,4,8,16……….. Is alan

(geometric sequence)

A collection of rules indicating how to form new set objects belongs to …………


If the 1st term of a geometric sequence is 2 and the common ratio is ½ then the 3rd term of the sequence is ………..


The domain of a relation R from A to B is symbolically written as 

(D(R) = {a belongs to B such that {a,b} belongs to R})

Find x and y given (2x,x+y)=(6,2)


Input values of the function are called the ………..


Which of the following is a continuous set?? 

(set of real numbers)

Let R be a binary relation on a set A.R is anti-symmetric iff ………….

(a,b EA if (a,b) ER and (b,a) ER then a=b)

Complements of U are ……….

(both a and b)

Input values of the function are called the ……………


Let A = {1,2,3,4} and define the following relation then R= {(1,3),(1,4),(2,3),(2,4),(3,1),(3,4)} is …………

(R is irreflexive)

X belongs to A and x belongs to B therefore x belongs to ………….

(A union B)

Let p be true and q be true then ~ p AND q are………….


Which of the following is not a binary operation on the set of integers 


A graph of a function f is one to one of every horizontal line that intersects the graph in at most one point 


Let A = {1,2,3,4} and R= {(1,1),(2,2),(3,3),(4,4)} then R is 

(option a,b,, and call true)

The inverse of the statement if it is pleasant outside then I go to the park is …………..

(if it is not pleasant outside then I do not go to the park)

Complementary relation is symbolically written as…………

(R = AxB-= {(a,b)EAxB ] (A,B)ER})

Let f(x) = x+3 then f-1 (x) is………..


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MTH202 Grand Quiz PDF 2021

  • MTH202 Grand Quiz 2021
  • MTH202 Grand Quiz PDF 2021

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