MTH202 Grand Quiz Solution

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MTH202 Grand Quiz pdf

MTH202 Grand Quiz pdf

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MTH202 Grand Quiz PDF

p/q is logically equivalent to ……..

(| p v q)

Recursive can be used in a generative manner 


A function whose inverse function exists is called a/an 


Inverse of a function may not be a function 


If A = {x,y} , B = {x} then , A-(A-B) =


Stating in words the elements of a set is …………

(descriptive form)

Let p/q be a conditional statement, then \ p |q is called ………..

(contra - positive)

If the switches P and Q are closed, then the state of the light bulb in AND  gate will be …….


Let p|q be a conditional statement then |p|q is called ……….


Let p| q be a conditional statement then |p|q is called ………


If the switch P is closed and Q is open the state of the light bulb in the OR gate will be ………


A function whose range consists of only one element is called ………..

(constant function)

{a} belongs to {a}


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Also, ReadMTH202 Solved Quiz

If the switch P is closed and Q is open the state of the light bulb in the OR gate will be ……..


Domain and range are the same for ……..

(identity function)

Range of function /[f(x) = {e^x}\]  is ……….

(set of positive real numbers)

A collection of rules indicating how to form new set objects belongs to ………


O! = ………


C is defined as the set of all countries in the /d then C is a …………..

(finite set)

If A = {x,y} B = {x} then, A-{A-B} =.................


Which of the following is the truth value of the compound statement, z>7 iff(z^2)>49


The tabular form of a set of prime numbers is ………..


Generally , (p v t) is ……….

(t (where t is a tautology))

Which of the following is not correct for a sequence 

(a sequence is a function whose domain is the set of natural numbers)

“-” is a binary operation on the set of integers Z 


Let X = {1,5,9} and Y = {3,4,7} define a function from X to Y such that f(1) = 7, f(5) =

,f(9) = ………… which is true for f(9) to

make it a one to one function 


For any set A, the cartesian product of A and A is known as ……….

(universal relation)

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MTH202 Grand Quiz PDF

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