MTH633 Quiz 1 Solved

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MTH633 - Group Theory MCQs

MTH633 Solved MCQs MTH633 MCQs Info
Post TitleMTH633 Quiz 1 Solution
Book CodeMTH633
UniversityVirtual Univerity of Pakistan
MTH633 Quiz 1/ Quiz 2/ Quiz3MTH633 Quiz 1
Mid/FinalMTH633 Quiz 1 Midterm
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MTH633 Quiz 1 Solution

 Every group of prime order is ………….. (MTH633)

None of above 

Non-cyclic group

Non-abelian group

Cyclic group 

The set of all translations in forms …………..under composition. (MTH633)

Normal group

Sylow group

Non-abelian group

Abelian group 

Let H be a subgroup of G and a,b in G.if aH=bH then ………….belongs to H. (MTH633) 





If m divides the order of a finite abelian group G then G has a ……… of order m. (MTH633) 

Cyclic group



Klein 4 - group 

The group G is a copy of the group H2 if the function f: G/H is ………….. (MTH633)





Let f be group hemomerphemf G to H2fG is an abelian group then His. (MTH633)

A normal group 

A non-belang group

An abelian group

Klein 4 group 

The number of cosets of a subgroup of a group is the ………….of subgroup. (MTH633)

Right cosets

Ind ices

None of an above

Left cosets

The alternating group which has 12 elements has no subgroup of order. (MTH633)



All of above


MTH633 Quiz 1 Solved

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MTH633 Quiz 1 Solution

MTH633 Quiz 1 Solution

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