PHY101 (MCQs) Quiz 1 Solution

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PHY101 Quiz No 1 Solved

PHY101 Quiz 1 Solution

PHY101 Quiz 1 Solution

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PHY101 Quiz No 1 Solution

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PHY101 Quiz 1/ Quiz 2/ Quiz 3PHY101 Quiz 1 Solution
Mid/FinalPHY101 Quiz 1 Solution For Midterm
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PHY101 Quiz 1 Solution 

When the momentum of a body is doubled its kinetic energy…………. (PHY101)

Becomes four times its initial kinetic energy

Remains the same 

Becomes ten times its kinetic energy

Drops to zero 

The rate of change of momentum of a body is equal to (PHY101)




Applied force 

Per second refers to the dimensions of physical quantity: (PHY101)

Time period 




The angle between rectangular components of a vector is: (PHY101)





A heavy particle moving with 5 m/s suffers an elastic collision with a light particle at rest. After the collision, the velocity of the light particle will be: (PHY101)

10 m/s

25 m/s

20 m/s

5 m/s 

What sort of energy does a flying bird pose? (PHY101)

Potential energy

Elastic energy

Kinetic energy

Both potential and kinetic energy 

The slope of the velocity-time graph shows the: (PHY101)

Total distance covered by the body 

Total work done on the body 

The average acceleration of the body 

Average force by acting on the body 

As we move above, the body above the surface of the earth, the change in potential energy will be: (PHY101)





The work done by gravity during the descent of a projective: (PHY101)

Is positive 

Depends on its sign on the direction of the y axis 

Is negative 

Is zero 

A stone is thrown up from the surface of the earth it reaches a maximum height kinetic energy is equal to (PHY101)




½ mv

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