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CS304 - Object Oriented Programming MCQs

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Mid/FinalCS304 Midterm MCQs
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CS304 Midterm MCQs

 Abstraction hides the …………..detail. (CS304)





Which of the following is true about inline functions. (CS304)

It is used by compilers to improve the efficiency of the program 

Inline functions decrease the code execution time

Small size functions that need to be called many times during program execution 

All of the given options 

…….Association the objects of the exact two classes. (CS304)

Two-way associations 

N-ary associations 

Ternary associations 

Binary associations 

In ………base class cannot always be replaced by the derived class. (CS304)





Which of the following best describes the properties of the constructor. (CS304)

constructor is a special function having the same name as the class name 

the constructor does not have a return type 

All of the given options 

Constructure are commonly public members 

Information hiding can be achieved through ………… (CS304)

Encapsulation, abstraction 

Encapsulation, overfeeding 

Encapsulation, polymorphism 

How can we differentiate between constructor and destructor? (CS304)

Destructor has a return type but the constructor does not have a return type 

Destructors are exactly named as constructors in syntax 

Destructor can be defined by the programmer but constructor can be defined 

Destructors are preceded with a line - symbol and constructors are not preceded by any system 

constructor without any parameter is called. (CS304)

Copy constructor 

Parameterized constructor 

Overloaded constructor 

Default constructor 

Choose the correct statement. (CS304)

Destructor cannot be const 

Constructor and destructor are used to modify the object as well as

All of the given options 

A constructor cannot be const 

………couples data and behavior tightly inside the object. (CS304)

Information hiding 




Which of the following is part of the class diagram? (CS304)


Class name 

All of the given options 


A good model is ………..related to a real-life problem. (CS304)





………..means that different objects can behave differently. (CS304)





CS304 Midterm MCQs

CS304 Midterm MCQs

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