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CS502 Lecture Wise Solved MCQs

Post TitleCS502 Lecture Wise MCQs Midterm
Book CodeCS502
UniversityVirtual Univerity of Pakistan
CS502 Quiz 1/ Quiz 2 / Quiz 3CS502 Quiz 1
Mid/FinalCS502 Lecture Wise MCQs Midterm
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CS502 Lecture Wise MCQs Midterm

 In ram, each instruction involves performing some basic operation on how many values are in the machine's memory?  (CS502)





The ……… the weighted sum of running times with weights.  (CS502)

Average case time

Best case time

Both best case and average case

Worse case time 

Merge sort is based on ………..(CS502)

Axis sweep

Divide and conquer

Brute force

Pian sweep

In the following code the statement ‘cout << i,’ executes …………. Times for [int i = 1, i < = n; i++] cout<<i;  (CS502)

Infinite times

N+5 times

N times

Zero times 

The main purpose of mathematical analysis is to measure the ………required by the algorithm.  (CS502)


Execution time and memory

Inputs & outputs 

Execution time 

The important factors to measure the running time of the brute force 2-d maxima algorithm is.  (CS502)

Count the number of times an element of P is accessed 

Count the number of steps of the pseudo-code that is executed

All of above 

The number of comparisons that are performed 

Pseudocode of algorithms are to be read by…………(CS502)





If input ‘n’ is odd, then the median will be …………..(CS502)





Merge sort is based on ………..(CS502)

Axis sweep

Divide and conquer

Pian sweep

Brute force 

The cubic function will………..a quadratic function.  (CS502)



Be equal to


Merge sort algorithm discussed in handouts contains………(CS502)

One loop only

4 loops 

2 loops

3 loops

Using ……………..algorithm, efficiency is not given much importance.  (CS502)


Merge sort


Brute force 

In the statement if (p[i].x & (p[i].y < p[j].y): the number of times elements of p are accessed is ………..(CS502)





For small values of n ………… the algorithm is fast enough.   (CS502)



Merge sort


For solving the selection problem, we introduced the sieving technique due to …………  (CS502)

Eliminating rank of an element 

Avoiding to sort all input data

Using brute force approach 

Using decrease and conquer strategy 

CS502 Lecture Wise MCQs Midterm

CS502 Lecture Wise MCQs Midterm

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