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Types of Networks

here we will describe to you 5 types of networks which are given below:

LAW - Local Area Network

WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network

WAN - Wide Area Network

VPN - Virtual Private Network

VLAN - Virtual Local Network

Students you can search more types of networks on google for more explanation and for more knowledge about Computer Networks.

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CS610 - Computer Networks Solved MCQs

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CS610 Quiz 1 Solution

Bluetooth uses shared medium and ……….instead of coaxial cable.  (CS610) 

Infrared waves 

Low-frequency waves 


Radio waves 

Thick Ethernet also requires …………to avoid signal reflectance.  (CS610) 

AUI cable


Drop cable 


A network analyzer is also called…………….(CS610) 

Network administrator 

Network supervisor 

Network manager 

Network monitor 

Point to point topology is.  (CS610) 

Connectivity based 

Mobility based 

Size based 

Medium based 

Which type of network consists of wireless connection of laptops in a university classroom?  (CS610) 





In ……………..topology if the switch goes down all the computers will be disconnected.  (CS610) 





The frame format of any LAN technology must consist of ………… and …………..(CS610) 

Frame header and CRC 

Payload CRC

Payload and frame type

Frame header and payload 

Hardware that calculates a CRC uses two simple components ………(CS610) 

The shift register and XOR unit 

AND unit and XOR unit 

The shift register and shift XOR unit 

Shift register & AND unit 

Which type of network consists of wired computers in a university classroom?  (CS610) 





…………are the two frame types.  (CS610) 

Implicit and explicit 

Single and dual

Multicast and broadcast 

Internal and external 

The ………….field of the ethernet frame has the purpose of receiver synchronization.  (CS610) 

Frame type 




Each computer in LAN is identified by a physical address, usually imprinted on the …………….(CS610) 


Network interface card 



A network analyzer is also called………………(CS610) 

Network manager 

Network monitor 

Network supervisor 

Network administrator 

In …………….all computers are attached to a central hub.  (CS610) 

Bus topology 

Ring topology 

Star topology 

Hub topology 

Which of the following is a benefit of direct or direct point-to-point communication?  (CS610) 


Quick to configure 

Security implementation 

Less availability 

A fixed network is a type of network which is classified with respect to the ………..factor.  (CS610) 





In direct point-to-point communication adding the Nth computer requires ……… connection.  (CS610) 


(N^2 - N)/2



The number of connections needed for 8 computers indirect point to point communications is equal is ………………(CS610) 





CS610 Quiz 1 Solution

CS610 Quiz 1 Solution

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