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CS101 Past Papers Midterm

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Students we request to you please read these CS101 Past Papers Midterm, CS101 Handouts PDF Download and CS101 Midterm Solved MCQs Mega File important solution of CS101 Book if you want to prepare this book for CS101 exams or class tests then these posts or solutions will help you in your test or exams.

introduction to Computing - CS101

CS101 Midterm Past PapersCS101 Midterm Past Papers Info
Post TitleCS101 Midterm Past Papers
Book CodeCS101
Current/PastCurrent CS101 Midterm Past Papers
Mid/FinalCS101 Midterm Past Papers
Also, ReadCS101 Midterm Solved MCQs
Also, ReadCS101 Past Papers of Midterm

CS101 Midterm Past Papers

CS101 Past Paper 1

  • Cs101  to day paper 

  • Mcqs mostly from handouts 
  •   Q /A
  • Name pupular web browsers ?
  • Name some things use embodded operating system 
  • Long question
  • Explain Flow of pecket from source to distanation .

CS101 Past Paper 2

  • Cs101 12pm
  • 1:Convert Hexa in to Binary
  • 2:Make difference  between Batch processing 
  • and Interactive  processing 
  • 3:Define 4 parts from Of URL from given URL
  • 4:Name three devices conneced to controller
  • 5:Ali wand to built a software right. Give him suggestions how to do thsi

CS101 Past Paper 3

  • Today cs101 paper basic functions of kernel 3 marks
  • Write query and out put of sibi weather and 1000 divided by 30 5 marks
  • Abbreviation of URL and its 3 examples 5 marks
  • Working of program and progress in algorithm 3 marks

CS101 Past Paper 4

  • CS 101 
  • Paper 8:30 AM
  • 18 Mcqs from Handouts. 2 to 3 are from past papers.
  • 5 Questions
  • 1- The Ballpoint which is a stationary thing is of 20 rupees. Write the output in code in XML 
  • 2- A Novel written by M.Ali "first novel of Ali" write output in Code XML.
  • 3- these are search by Google. Write their output
  •  PSL cricket @twitter
  • #Artificialintelligence
  • * for tat
  • 4- You have 2 Ethernet bus network and one WiFi network You have to send message through WiFi network to Ethernet network. Write steps.
  • 5- Change decimal value 25 into Binary notation.

CS101 Past Paper 5

  • CS 101
  • Definition of hardware? 
  • Stocks Dell? 
  • AND Or XOR operation ki calculation karni thi mathematic dii hoi thi
  • Orr ik question ya tha ka MB , TB orr GB bhi batayny thy

Students these are all students shared papers and tell you that which types of questions come in paper so you should also read these questions and topics. Students you can search these answers to questions or from CS101 Handouts but it depends on you what you want if you want CS101 Midterm Solved Past Papers so please wait for this because we still working on Solved MCQs and past papers which students send with us. Soon we will upload CS101 Midterm Past Papers Solved InshAllah if we live long.

CS101 Midterm Past Papers

CS101 Midterm Past Papers

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