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CS301 - Data Structures Past Papers

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CS301 Past Papers Midterm

Paper No 1

  • Assalam-o-allaikum
  • Today was my CS301
  • 10/1/2022
  • *The paper was easy*
  • Total Questions 23 (39 marks)
  • 18 MCQ's of 1 (Mark)
  • 1*Which structure uses FIFO?
  • 1*Which structure uses LIFO?
  • 1*Which linked list given below is correct after inserting a new new value?
  • 1*A node can have maximum of _________ nodes.
  • 2*Two MCQ's related to stack
  • 2*Two MCQ's related to queue
  • 1*Preorder traversal (binary tree was given)
  • 1*In a complete binary tree the bottom level is filled from__________.
  • 2*Two MCQ's related to heap
  • 1* Minimum operands needed to perform a postfix expression?
  • 2*Two MCQ's related to linear and non linear data type.
  • 3*Three MCQ's were conceptual.

  • 2 Questions of (3 Marks)
  • Write the pseudo code for the (next) operator.
  • Write all the cases of binary tree rotation.

  • 3 questions of (5 Marks)
  • 5*Write the C++ code for the function (find())
  • 5*Write the C++ code for the addition of add(5) in the double linked list (link list was given with size 5 )
  • 5*Consider the below given code, correct any of the mistakes you see, if there is no mistake, justify that how the code will execute. ( the code was related to pointer and reference)

  • That's all i remember, apologies for any mistakes you see regarding the above mentioned paper.
  • JazakAllah.

Paper No 2

  • CS301 Today's paper 
  • Total 39 marks
  • 18 Mcqs 
  • 2 short question of 3 marks
  • Q1: Binary tree was given and level order traversel write krna tha 
  • Q2: Ek question stack k related tha 
  • 3 long questions of 5 marks
  • Q1: Array given thi current pointer index 2 pe tha us mn 200 value add krni thi or size btana tha k after adding value 200 current pointer kahan pr hoga or size kia hoga array ka
  • Q2: Program given tha uske errors remove krne the 
  • Q3: Binary tree given tha us us mn level of order likhna that

Paper No 3

  • Cs301
  • Q: identify leaf node Åńđ non leaf node in Binary search tree ?
  • Q: Convert infix into postfix??? 
  • Q:Code of recursive function  x if value is 3... 
  • Binary search tree wala ik or tha.....

Paper No 4

  • My paper cs301 today 10:30 
  • Mcqs Moazz file say 
  • Stack ۔۔۔
  • BST۔۔۔
  • AVL۔۔۔
  • Depth find 
  • Push
  • pop
  • Correct answer from the following 3 ya 4 mcqs thy

  • Short
  • Output of the program  org vale = orgval - 2 
  • Previous value bhi given thi 20 
  • Asa tha question 

  • Long

  • Construct BST from the following given data
  • And if delete 22 then what value take it's place

  • left to right 
  • BST construct from given data
  • C++Code for double link list

Paper No 5

  • My today's Cs301 paper
  • 75% Mcqs were from past paper and 25% were conceptual..
  • Question 1
  • Give an example of real world and operating system Queue say related tha ye question..
  • Question 2
  • Right skewed/substrate given thi aur uska AVL tree draw krna tha.
  • Question 3 
  • Linked list say related that.

Paper No 6

  • Cs301 today 12 PM paper. 
  • BST de hui thi AVL mein convert krna tha
  • Numbers diye huy thy BST bnani thi
  • Three data structures ko brief krna tha
  • Aik code diya hua tha usmein Kuch coding miss thi usko fill krky binary tree bnana tha
  • Aik code ky error find krny thy or binary tree bnana tha
  • Baqi 4,5 mcqs repeated thy or baqi sb new

Students we hope you like this CS301 Past Papers Midterm and also learn much knowledge about CS301 Paper that how papers come in midterm exams. Now you can easily prepare for your CS301 midterm exams because you take hints from this post and these Past Papers. Students we know these Papers are unsolved but don't worry we will upload CS301 Solved Past Papers Midterm very soon but still we are working on VU books past papers which students send on WhatsApp groups and our duty to upload on this website for new students who first time join this Virtual University.

CS301 Past Papers Midterm

CS301 Past Papers Midterm

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