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CS402 Past Papers Midterm

CS402 Past Papers CS402 Past Papers Info
Post TitleCS402 Past Papers Midterm
Book CodeCS402
Current/PastCurrent CS402 Past Papers Midterm
Mid/FinalCS402 Past Papers Midterm
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CS402 Past Papers Midterm

CS402 Past Paper 1

  • Cs402
  • Mcqs all conpetual 1 ya 2 hon ge file se baki through concept kiye hope so thek hon...
  • Shrt
  • 1.do TG given thi us ki aik initial r 1 hi final bnani thi by kleen theorm...
  • 2.TG given thi R.E btana tha.
  • Long
  • 1.moore given thi us ko mealy me convert krna tha
  • 2.L1 r L2 (languages 1 odd r 2sri strt with b ) given thi un ki TG bnani thi r R.E b likhna tha.
  • 3.2 prt the is k alphabet given tha 
  • £=(aba,bb) ye
  • Ist prt me 5 strings likhni thi..
  • 2nd prt me 5 string plaindromes ki likhni thi.

CS402 Past Paper 2

  • CS402 
  • Mcqs easy thy half past paper s thy half book s thy
  • 1.string double 0's double 1's
  • 2.Descriptive language m string ko change krna tha
  • Long questions m diagram banani thi 
  • Overall paper was easy

CS402 Past Paper 3

  • AOA !today my CS402 paper 8:30 total 23 questions
  • 18 mcqs, Two questions of 3 marks, three questions of 5 marks 
  • Mcqs bht easy thy past paprz m se bi or book m sy bi and questions also easy
  • Q1 Draw the diagram and regular expression in GTG  that’s not starting with a ,but ending with a.(3 marks)
  • Q2 Diagram di gait hi us m 5 States thi jis m se num3 state ko remove kr k diagram show krwani thi.(3 marks)
  • Q3  The language can express in FA then why we need NFA. Justify your answer.(5 marks)
  • Q4 Draw the diagram and regular expression in TG that’s Containing triple aaa and Triple bbb.(5 marks)
  • Q5 What is regular language?tell and draw the diagram that’s ending and starting with same letters.(5marks)                                          Best Of Luck to All Group Memberz

CS402 Past Paper 4

  • CS402 today paper at 4:00pm
  • McQs 
  • past files sa thy mostly 3 sa 4 conceptual bhi thy
  • Subjective
  • Q1:  r1=a*+b* and r2=(a+b)* in ko differentiate krna tha
  • Q2:  aik transition table dia hua tha us ka FA bnana tha
  • Q3:  do FA diye hue thy un ka transition table bnana tha
  • Q4:  aik tha k hm language ka FA bna skty hn to NFA phr kun bnty hn. Justify ur answer
  • Q5:. Bhul gea

CS402 Past Papers Midterm

CS402 Past Papers Midterm

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