Students if you are looking for these past papers midterm of CS601 so we are welcome you on this website because on this website you will easily read or find them. You can also read more past papers of other books on our website. But in the coming days, you will see many books past papers, and much more study solutions on this website because this is the educational and solutions provider website. This is the CS601 - Data Communication Past Papers of midterm but we will also provide you final term past papers very soon. Students if you want to read more about this Data Communication so please read this Data Communication.

CS601 Past Papers Midterm

CS601 Past Papers Midterm

CS601 - Data Communication Past Papers

Post TitleCS601 Past Papers Midterm
Book CodeCS601
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Mid/FinalCS601 Past Papers Midterm
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CS601 Past Papers Midterm

Paper 1

  • CS601, 17/1/2022, 
  • Mid Term exam Subjective Questions Part:

  • Q: Consider a communication scenario over the internet in which data is transmitted between two stations. Answer the following questions in this scenario:(5M)

  • a) State the name of the layer which is responsible for the end to end delivery of data in TCP/IP.
  • b) State the name of the protocol which is responsible for connection-oriented communication.

  • Q: Suppose there are five channels, each with a 100-kHz bandwidth that is multiplexed using FDM. You are required to calculate the minimum bandwidth of the link if there is a need for a guard band of 20 kHz?
  • Note: Show each step of calculation and write the answer with its correct unit.
  • Q: Draw the Pseudoternary encoding scheme for the following bit pattern. (5M)
  • 011000

  • Note: Consider the first bit i.e.0 as positive. 

  • Q: Suppose a certain radio station is using an audio signal with a bandwidth (BW) of 9 kHz. What BW will be needed to modulate the signal using FM (frequency modulation)? Mention all necessary calculation steps, formulas and units. (3M)
  • Q: Assume you're the network administrator for a surveillance company. Your company has offices in several countries, and they need to create a network that allows those offices to connect with one another. In this situation, you must determine the type of network that will emerge.

Paper 2

  • Little mcqs are from past papers and in subject there was one question about 1-calculate mesh typology 
  • 2- calculate T1 
  • 3-write 3phase of  data communication 
  • This what I remember

Paper 3

  • Cs601 today paper
  • 18 MCQS
  • 2 Short Q  3:3
  • 3 Long Q 5:5:5
  •    • 1 Q scenario tha jis mn data transfer k bare or 2 option the right option select krna 
  • •   2 Q SNR and SNRdB find krna
  • •  Digital signal ka question tha Diagram di thi
  • •Two Types of space division k bare or 2nd part kuch amount di v thi 30 30 30 60 60 60 60 ink bare b kuch pucha tha yad ni
  • • Noise is 1 uW value betani thi SNR and SN

Paper 4

  • Cs601
  • 18 conceptual mcqs,
  • 3 questions of numericals,
  • 1 subjective question from (chapter 8),
  • 1 subjective question (related to signal pattern).

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