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MTH633 Midterm Past Papers

MTH633 Midterm Past Papers

The topic of this post is MTH633 Midterm Past Papers and we add this post in MTH633 category where we upload all MTH633 book study solutions so you can also read more solutions in this category of this book MTH633. Our aim is to upload more study solutions of this MTH633 book as  MTH633 Past Papers,  MTH633 Notes,  MTH633 Current Papers,  MTH633 midterm, and final term study solutions, and solved MCQs for students only.

MTH633 - Group Theory Past Papers

MTH633 Midterm Past Papers MTH633 Midterm Past Papers Info
Post TitleMTH633 Midterm Past Papers
Book CodeMTH633
Current/PastCurrent MTH633 Midterm Past Papers
Mid/FinalMTH633 Midterm Past Papers
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MTH633 Midterm Past Papers

MTH633 Midterm Past Paper 1

  • MTH633
  • Time 2:30
  • Q.1 write associative property of union w.r.t addition
  • Q.2 write identity permutation of D4 and D5.
  • Q.3 Give three examples of irrational numbers.
  • Q.4 left coset find krna tha.
  • Q.5 GL(2,R) matrix multiplication this
  • Q.6 why w2 xw2 are not cyclic given reasons.
  • Mcqs 12 from file 8 handout sy thy

MTH633 Midterm Past Paper 2

  • MTh 633
  • Mcqs from files.
  • Write any 2 Abelian group.
  • Permutation p~b> find it is  equivalence.
  • Irrational and rational numbers find krny ty
  • Aik left coset find krna ta

MTH633 Midterm Past Paper 3

  • Mth633
  • Define group 
  • (S4,o) identify froof
  • Associate law property
  • Long.   a~b b=p(n) proof
  • Msqs from 291 pages file mostly

MTH633 Midterm Past Paper 4

  • Mth 633
  •  13/1/2022.  4:00
  • 1) (z, +) find group
  • 2) Write four group of Klein 
  • 3) Find cyclic group value of alpha given
  • 4) 360 is cyclic group prove it
  • 5) Values given tell which is rational or irrational value(22/7, 3.14,e,pi)
  • Mcqs tough thy kafi conceptual thy

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MTH633 Midterm Past Papers,MTH633 Midterm Past Papers,MTH633 Midterm Past Papers

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