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Physics Solved MCQs | Particle Physics

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Physics Solved MCQs

A charge of 30 C flows through an electric appliance in 2.0 minutes. What is the average current in the appliance?         PHY101 

  • 0.25 A 
  • 15 A 
  • 4.0 A
  • 60 A 

For holography, we use a beam of:        PHY101 

  • Laser
  • Brays 
  • X - rays
  • A-rays 

The Pauli exclusion principle is obeyed by:         PHY101 

  • All charged particles
  • All particles with spin quantum numbers of 1 
  • All particles
  • All particles with spin quantum numbers of ½


The concept of electric field lines is introduced by:        PHY101 

  • Faraday 
  • Einstein 
  • Joseph henry 
  • Coulomb 

A particle carrying a charge of 2e falls through a potential difference of 3v. The energy acquired by it will be:        PHY101 

  • 3ev
  • 1.5ev
  • 6ev
  • 0.66ev

A generator supplies 100v to the primary coil of a transformer. The primary has 50 turns and the secondary has 500 turns. The secondary voltage is:          PHY101 

  • 100V
  • 250V
  • 500V
  • 1000V 

If the light of low wavelength is used in youngs do double-slit experiment then the width of the fringe will:        PHY101 

  • No change 
  • Decrease
  • Increase
  • Double 

Metal pipes used to carry water sometimes burst in the winter because: PHY101  

  • Outside of the pipe contracts more than the inside 
  • Water expands when it freezes  (From Google)
  • Metal becomes brittle when cold
  • Metal contracts more than water 

When an object (iron/tungsten) is heated it emits light. It emits infrared (IR) light when it is heated at a temperature.       PHY101 

  • Between 1600 degrees C to 2500 degrees C 
  • Between 800 degrees C to 1600 degrees C 
  • Below 800 degrees C 
  • BOVE 2500 degrees C 

A particle having a 2e charge falls through a potential difference of 5V. The energy acquired by it is:        PHY101 

  • 20 eV
  • 0.4eV
  • 10eV
  • 2.5eV 

PHY101 Quiz 4 Answers - Physics Solved MCQs

Polarization experiments provide evidence that light is:       PHY101 

  • Nearly monochromatic 
  • Some types of wave 
  • A transverse wave 
  • A longitudinal wave 

Which of the following device work on the principle of interference of light:         PHY101 

  • Optical flat
  • Telescope 
  • Newton rings apparatus 
  • Compound microscope 

Which of the following electromagnetic radiations has photons with the greatest energy?       PHY101 

  • Blue light 
  • Yellow light 
  • Gamma rays 
  • Radio waves 

Of the following which might not vanish over one cycle of a cyclic process?      PHY101  

  • The change in pressure of the substance 
  • The change in the temperature of the substance 
  • The change in the internal energy of the substance 
  • The work done by the substance 

The process for which entropy remains constant is:          PHY101 

  • A reversible process 
  • Isobaric process
  • An irreversible process 
  • Isothermal process 

When some dielectric is inserted between the plates of a capacitor the capacitance:    PHY101 

  • Infinity 
  • Decreased
  • Increased
  • Zero

Which of the following is equivalent to one coulomb?       PHY101 

  • One ampere per volt
  • One volt ampere
  • One volt per ampere 
  • One ampere for one second 

Heat has the same units as:      PHY101 

  • Temperature
  • Heat capacity 
  • Energy
  • Work

For holography, we use a beam of:       PHY101 

  • X - rays 
  • A-rays 
  • B - rays 
  • Laser 

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Physics MCQs

Physics MCQs of (PHY101) Quiz 4

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