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CS610 Quiz 2 Solution  Computer Network

CS610 Quiz 2 Solution | Computer Network

CS610 MCQs | Computer Network | Wide Area Network

Post TitleCS610 Quiz 2 Solution | Computer Network
Book CodeCS610
Current/PastCurrent CS610 Quiz 2 Solution | Computer Network
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CS610 Quiz 2 Solution

End-to-end delivery service of IP datagram is …………CS610 

  • None of the given 
  • Connection-oriented 
  • Both a and b
  • Connectioniess 

In 3 way handshake TCP requires a random number ……………CS610 

  • 32 bit
  • 34 bit 
  • 30 bit 
  • None of the given 

The address mask defines how many bits of the address are in the prefix.         CS610 

  • False
  • True

TCP uses ………..format for all messages.         CS610 

  • None of the given 
  • Multiple 
  • Single 
  • Double 

………………uses a window mechanism to control the flow of data.        CS610  

  • None of the given 
  • UPD
  • TCP
  • IP

System rebooting is one of the major problems in reliable delivery.          CS610 

  • True 
  • False

NAT stands for ………………CS610 

  • Network address translation 
  • None of the given
  • Network address transmission 
  • Network address test 

Reliability is not the responsibility of the transport layer.          CS610 

  • True 
  • False

IPV6 128 bits address includes network prefix and ……………CS610 

  • None of the given 
  • Host suffix 
  • Source prefix
  • Host prefix 

MTU stands for……………….CS610 

  • Minimum transmission unit 
  • Maximum transmission unit 
  • None of the given 
  • Multicast transmission unit 

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