Here students, you will read the most helpful Business type mcqs and you will learn many things about the business and which things are important or not. In this post students, we read a few amounts of the but if you want to download these Business MCQs in a pdf file then you should move to another website that demands money if you read their notes and study solutions. We provide Business Solved MCQs and other book study solutions free so please help others and also read online on this post. This is the MGT211 - Introduction To Business MCQs With Answers for the VU Student's help only and the if you belong to other countries and cities they can also read them. Also, Read MGT211 Quiz 3 Solution. Students you can read online  but if want to download Business MCQs In PDF Files but we did not add any PDF links where you can find them.

Introduction To Business MCQs With Answers

Business MCQs With Answers

Business Solved MCQs

Post TitleIntroduction To Business MCQs With Answers
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Introduction To Business MCQs With Answers

…………….involves long term , value added relationship developed on.       MGT211 

  • Relationship marketing 
  • Consumer marketing 
  • Marketing Era marketing 
  • Exchange marketing 

At which stage of the product life cycle, marketers will introduce innovations the.        MGT211 

  • Decline 
  • Growth 
  • Introduction 
  • Maturity 

Dividing the market on the basis of area, climate, and cultural values is on.        MGT211 

  • Psychographic segmentation 
  • Geographical segmentation 
  • Behaviouristic segmentation 
  • Demographic segmentation 

Dividing the total market into smaller parts is called?       MGT211 

  • Position 
  • Product differentiation 
  • Market segmentation 
  • Target market 

An item consumed in one or a few uses is called a:        MGT211 

  • Nondurable good
  • Durable good
  • Commodity 
  • Consumer good 

When researchers need in-depth information about any thin: then they use?        MGT211 

  • Observations 
  • Interviews
  • Emails
  • Questionnaires

 During the introduction stage of the PLC, sales gradually increase an.        MGT211 

  • More investors are needed
  • Profit is minimal 
  • Competition becomes tough 
  • Salespeople are brought to push the product 

Spreadsheets, database, and word processing software all types of:        MGT211 

  • Operating systems 
  • Firmware 
  • Utility programs 
  • Application software 

In which stage of the product life cycle,there is the highest level of sales but per unit profit decreases.      MGT211 

  • Maturity 
  • Decline 
  • Growth 
  • Introduction 

The obtaining and investing funds by the firm is determined by the.           MGT211 


  • Accounting function 
  • Finance function 
  • Marketing function 
  • Organizing function 

Sheraz beverages develop a new soft drink. They offer free soft drinks to VU students during exam days at shadman campus lahore.        MGT211 

  • Commercialization 
  • Business analysis 
  • Idea generation 
  • Product testing 

Which technique is applied at the problem identification stage?          MGT211 

  • Focus group 
  • Experimentation 
  • Survey method 
  • Observational research 

 A consumer will initiate a buying decision process?       MGT211 

  • Marketing and non marketing stimuli and buyer characteristic are favorable
  • Marketing and non marketing stimuli are favorable 
  • The marketing stimuli are favorable 
  • The non marketing stimuli are favorable 

Students we confirm all these mcqs from google so if you also see any mistake in our study solutions so please you should also confirm it from MGT211 book handouts or from google or other platforms.

Students, please read the VU MGT211 book if you want to get more knowledge about business you will read some basic and some advanced concepts in this MGT211 but if a student wants to become a mistake of Business then they should get the proper degree of 8 summer or fewer students as Software Engineer or Information Technology to achieve a four years degree and learn many things about digital world and computers, programming and much more. We hope you will share with other students.

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