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MCM301 Solved MCQs Final Term

MCM301 Solved MCQs Final Term

MCM301 Solved MCQs Final Term

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MCM301 Solved MCQs Final Term | MCM301 Final Term Solved MCQs

Visual aids perform which of the following functions?        MCM301 

  1. Illustrating how things related to one another 
  2. Illustrating how things work 
  3. Emphasizing important points 
  4. All of the given options 

Which of the following is not among the drawbacks of using computerized design programs?       MCM301 

  1. Simplistic presentations 
  2. Design over presentations 
  3. Poorly conceived messages 
  4. Overly complex presentations 

When applied to business messages correctness means all of the following EXCEPT:        MCM301 

  1. Use the right level of language 
  2. Check font style 
  3. Check accuracy of words information and data 
  4. Use correct grammar and punctuation 

In an effective writing, Emphasis stands out in two positives MCM301 

  1. The body and the end 
  2. The lead and the body 
  3. The middle and the body 
  4. The beginning and the end 

All of the following guidelines play an important part to make your writing concrete, EXCEPT:     MCM301   

  1. Use passive verbs 
  2. Use active rather than passive verbs 
  3. Use vivid image building words 
  4. Include as much specific information as possible 

Diagrams are excellent for conveying all of the following EXCEPT:       MCM301 

  1. Information about shape 
  2. Information about size 
  3. Information about structure 
  4. Information about audience 

While preparing for effective business writing Drafting stage involves all of the following, EXCEPT:        MCM301 

  1. Developing appropriate beginning paragraph 
  2. Composing the body 
  3. Developing appropriate ending paragraph 
  4. Editing 

………….is often regarded as an undesirable thing. Which  prevents the best ideas from being updated.        MCM301 

  1. Compulsion 
  2. Compromise 
  3. Perception 
  4. Impulsion 

To keep a sentence effective , the suggested average sentence length is:        MCM301 

  1. 20 to 25 words 
  2. 17 to 20 words 
  3. More than 40 words 
  4. 30 to 40 words 

While using a flip board in presentation , a 6x6 formula is used. What does it refer to?        MCM301 

  1. 6 words in every sentence written in 6 different colors 
  2. 6 lines each having 6 words on a sheet 
  3. 6 sentences with 6 different colors on one chart 
  4. 6 cheers on flip board 

Which of the following is one of the major benefits of 35mm slides?         MCM301 

  1. The duplicated 35mm slides carry different messages to different people 
  2. The slides can be easily duplicated 
  3. 35mm slides can be used for large audience 
  4. Editing is very easy 

Which of the following is not the stage of effective business writing?       MCM301 

  1. Theater stage 
  2. Drafting stage 
  3. Planning stage 
  4. Organizing stage 

In written communication use of active verbs helps make sentences more:      MCM301 

  1. Empathetic 
  2. Concise 
  3. Specific 
  4. All of the given options 

In a well planned presentation where there is no need to record information that comes up on the spot, there may be no need for:      MCM301   

  1. Transparencies 
  2. Photographic slides 
  3. Chalk or dry erase boards 
  4. CD-ROM or DVD 

Which of the following is not a guideline for courteous writing?        MCM301 

  1. Exclude irritating expressions 
  2. Omit discourteous wording 
  3. Respond late
  4. Include meaningful apologies 

To find the right media for your presentation you need to first determine which one of the following?         MCM301 

  1. The presentation budget 
  2. Equipment and supply limitations 
  3. All of the given options 
  4. The size of your audience 

When do you think groups , rather than individuals working alone, should be used to solve a problem?       MCM301 

  1. When a quick resolution is essential 
  2. When the task is fairly simple and straightforward 
  3. When commitment to the decision is important 
  4. When the task requires a limited amount of information and skills 

All of the following are the benefits of handouts EXCEPT:        MCM301 

  1. Handouts passed out in advance tend to cause attended to prejudge the presenter and/or the presentation 
  2. Handouts  eliminate the need for note taking 
  3. Handouts provide an accurate record of the information being presented 
  4. Handouts can be used with all types of presentation media 

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