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SOC101 Solved MCQs Final Term

SOC101 Solved MCQs Final Term

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SOC101 Solved MCQs | Sociology

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SOC101 Solved MCQs Final Term | Sociological Theory | SOC101 Final Term Solved MCQs

According to the interactionist approach , roles and identities of gender are defined by the society and transmitted  to the next generation through the process of ……………SOC101 

  1. Diffusion 
  2. Innovation 
  3. Socialization 
  4. None of the given options 

Which is the least populated province of pakistan?         SOC101 

  1. Sindh 
  2. Balochistan 
  3. Punjab 
  4. Khyber pakhtunkhwa 

In developing countries which , among other factors, may be reflective of the status of women?    SOC101 

  1. Literacy rate 
  2. Gender ratio 
  3. High sex ratio 
  4. Gender distribution 

According to the conflict theorists the double exploitation of capitalism lies in:     SOC101 

  1. Paying high wages to male labor and no wage to all for female work 
  2. Paying low  wages to male labor and no wage to all for female work
  3. All of these are the reasons of double exploitation
  4. Paying high wages to male labor and no wage to all for male work 

According to the 1998 census …………….percent of the population happens to be old persons , another group of dependents.       SOC101 

  1. Eight 
  2. Six 
  3. Four 
  4. Three 

In Pakistan from 1950 to 2005 about ………..increase in per capita income has been observed.      SOC101  

  1. 6%
  2. 4%
  3. 8%
  4. 2%

According to 2004 estimation , number of illiterate has raised to:       SOC101 

  1. 69 million 
  2. 59 million 
  3. 49 million 
  4. 79 million 

In 1998 the number of children aged 5-14 years was:         SOC101 

  1. 31.7 million 
  2. 33.3 million 
  3. 30.0 million 
  4. 19.9 million 

Among the preventive checks , which of the following is not recommended by Malthus?      SOC101 

  1. Abstinence from entering into sexual unions 
  2. To make a law  of early marriages 
  3. To marry late 
  4. To follow celibacy 

Pakistan placed in the world population wise at ………..rank.      SOC101 

  1. 8th 
  2. 10th 
  3. 5th
  4. 11th 

In which of the following perspectives there is a general emphasis on the crucial contribution of  patriarchy (male  domination) to gender inequalities?      SOC101 

  1. Interactionist perspective 
  2. Conflict perspective 
  3. Feminist perspective 
  4. Functional perspective 

Which one of the following best defines fecundity?         SOC101 

  1. The number of live births per year 
  2. Overall comparisons of births in a year 
  3. The number of live born children the average woman has 
  4. The potential number of children a normal woman is biologically capable of bearing 

According to 2004 estimation …………..percent males were literate.       SOC101 

  1. 65
  2. 63
  3. 64
  4. 66

Traditionally education was function of:       SOC101 

  1. School 
  2. The state 
  3. The family 
  4. Society 

According to the 1998 population census of Pakistan …………..of the population was female.    SOC101 

  1. 55.3%
  2. 44.7%
  3. 48.0%
  4. 52.0%

In pakistan population with NO access to safe drinking water is estimated:       SOC101  

  1. 57 million 
  2. 55 million 
  3. 54 million 
  4. 27 million 

The maximum number of years that an individual could live is known as:     SOC101 

  1. Life Span 
  2. Life history 
  3. Life Expectancy 
  4. Life insurance

The ………….is the increase or decrease that results from immigration or emigration  per 1,000 members of the population in a given year.      SOC101 

  1. Net migration rate 
  2. Emigration rate 
  3. Growth rate 
  4. Immigration rate 

Child rearing is an ………….task.      SOC101 

  1. Expressive 
  2. Instrumental 
  3. Exceptional 
  4. Impressive 

The term …………refers to the relatively permanent movement of people with the purpose of changing  their place of residence.       SOC101

  1. Emigration 
  2. Demographic transition 
  3. Migration 
  4. Immigration 

In Pakistani society mostly women perform …………tasks.     SOC101 

  1. Expressive 
  2. Instrumental 
  3. Exceptional 
  4. Impressive

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